From Ooty to Banglore– A Journey Started With Unnati

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” —Walt Disney

VimalChriston- 5th Batch –Computer Science (BE) -9585369585


Unnati alumni have one thing common which  is:  “A passion to make their dreams a reality”. It was no different a story for Vimal, a 23 year old whose journey started from Ooty and ended at Unnati in Bangalore. Vimal’s father is a teacher, mother is a home maker, as elder brother who works for a charted accountant and sister in law working in health care.With all his family members working , he too wanted to be financially independent and contribute towards his family.

Vimal completed his graduation  in engineering in his home town and was unemployed, staying at home looking after his grandfather who was not well. Mr. Ramesh Swamy, lead trustee Of Unnati happened to give a presentation in his college in Ooty once and Vimal  who was in the audience was so inspired that he went back  home and made up his mind to do something about his life and not waste anymore time. There was no turning back ever since

Vimal says very proudly that he has learnt at  Unnati the following valuable lessons for life:

  • Responsibility- the training programme is designed in such a way that we are taught to take up responsibilities from day one.
  • Time management– Time management is the first thing I learnt at The time table that students are asked to follow is designed in such a way that one automatically learns to manage his /her time effectively
  • Self Confidence– I was never as confident in my life as I am now after joining Unnati, because it gave me the platform to build on my confidence.
  • Effective Communication– The practical sessions during training ensure that each individual’s ability to communicate comes to the fore and is moulded accordingly.

“At Unnati I was able improve my communication as well as technical skills each day and  got an opportunity to learn many new things” says Vimal.

Vimal says he was able to secure job in EMC2 in Banglore only because of Unnati.

“Unnati is a very unique training program where one gets to enhance their skills and learn a lot. My life has changed after joining Unnati” says Vimal.

Team Unnati wishes him all the best in her life.


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