Unnati is a platform where one can learn & grow, Thanks to Unnati!

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become –Steve Jobs

Vijil K, Batch No – 7th– Admin Assistant -9495280904

Vijl K

“I moved to Delhi for a better job option and my search ended at Unnati” says 26 year old Vilij from Kanoor, Kerala.

“I was working in a computer institute In Kerala, which closed down and then started looking for another good option and so moved to Delhi where my uncle lives” says Vijl. Vijl was Born and brought up in Kanoor, Kerala and did his schooling and college from there. His family consists of 4 members: his father is a farmer and mother a house wife. Younger brother works in Kerala. Vijil wanted to support his family financially so he came to Delhi. His uncle who works with Tata Power in Delhi mentioned to him about Unnati and Vijil decided to join Unnati, Kirti Nagar, Delhi. For Vijil it was all about seeing his dreams turn into reality.

Vijil says very confidently and proudly that he has learnt at Unnati the following valuable lessons for Life:

Self Confidence – Unnati gave me an opportunity and platform to develop self-confidence.

Focused – I am more focused in life and it has happened just because of Unnati. The program is designed in such a way that one can automatically adopt so many positive things in life.

Effective communication – The practical sessions during training ensure that each individual’s ability to communicate comes to the fore and is molded accordingly.

“Presently I am working with “WEST SIDE” as Sales Executive and my current Salary is 8,500 per month and I am very happy and satisfied” says Vijil.

When Vijil was asked what he felt about the Unnati program, he said according to him ‘Unnati is a great platform to fulfil one’s dreams’. One gets to learn and grow in a very motivating environment. Vijil said today’s youth is looking to be employed and Unnati serves as hope for youth like me who need a good job. Unnati gives the guarantee of 100 % job placement, which is one of the striking features of the program.

According to Vijil his strength is his honesty, sincerity and being a fast learner. Vijil’s dream is to become a manager at “WEST SIDE” in two years.

Team Unnati wishes him all the best in her life.

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