“Unnati has made my life beautiful!”: A story of sincerity and success

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” – Anonymous.

Ashwini B R – 52nd Batch – Admin (AA)

Ashwini is from a small, picturesque town called Kundgol in Hubli. Her father is a small-time businessman and her mother is a teacher. She is the youngest of three children; her elder brother currently eorks in Bangalore and her elder sister is settled in Bellary.

12301597_727796924031185_4157309520979451190_nWith such a family background, you wouldn’t think Ashwini would have had any difficulties in pursuing her education and career.

Ashwini’s education was not a challenge. Her family was very supportive of her education, and Ashwini successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Kundgol.  Her parents encouraged her to pursue some relevant career, and that is where Ashwini’s difficulties began!

Hailing from a small town, Ashwini had trouble communicating in English. She was low on confidence, had stage-fear, and above all, was never comfortable in a group interaction. All these were big disadvantages, especially since she was pursuing a career in Bangalore.

That is when she saw a program about Unnati on Chandana TV.

Ashwini immediately reached out to Unnati and registered for the 43rd batch. One week into the course, she had to quit because of some family issues. She went back home, and back into her shell! That is when her friend from Unnati, Sadanand, persuaded her to come back and continue the course. He spoke to her about his success story, and how it was made possible exclusively because of Unnati.

Ashwini was determined to come back to Unnati and complete the journey she so passionately began. She re-registered for the 52nd batch and completed the course in the Admin Assistant Vocation.

She recalls the following three areas as “life-changing” in the Unnati experience:

  • Communication: It surprises Ashwini (and many of us) about how a 50-day course can help improve communication to such a great extent! After her course, Ashwini met her college lecturers who think her communication skills have transformed miraculously!
  • Perspective: Ashwini brought a very interesting observation: she said Unnati provides a perspective of ‘the Universe’ to someone who is only ‘aware of home’. And this perspective, we feel, is very important in personality building.
  • Confidence: Unnati has given Ashwini the confidence to interact in a crowd by providing her with multiple opportunities to perform on stage, without any fear.


Ashwini came across as very vibrant and chirpy in our conversation, and spoke with immense confidence about her story, her career and her future. She made the interaction very lively, and there was the tone of sincerity in that interaction.

One she completed the course at Unnati, Ashwini was placed through campus in HBD Finance, Bangalore. She continues to work for them. She says that the communication skills mastered at Unnati come in very handy at her work place, since she has to communicate in English.

Ashwini draws a base salary of Rs. 1,04,000 per annum. She initially found it difficult to heep up with the incentive plan at her workplace, but now consistently exceeds her sales target and gets paid around Rs. 1.8 lakhs an annum.

Her bosses at HDB are happy with her, and hold Unnati in very high esteem. This is due to the exemplary candidates that HDB has seen from Unnati.

Ashwini has referred two of her friends to the Gadag branch of Unnati. In Ashwini’s own words, “Unnati has made my life beautiful!”

We wish Ashwini the very best as she progresses in career! Thank you, Ashwini, for making team Unnati proud!


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