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Unnati Newsletter for October-December 2021

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Mr. Ramesh Swami

Happy Sankranthi to all. Wish the country and our farmers a bumper crop and good MSP so that their quality of life is better.

Many times we hear the farmers talk about nature and losses. It is true that farming is dependent on various external factors but the question is are we doing all the right things? Have we adopted technology to help improve the results? Have we joined hands as a cooperative among peers to take advantage of scale? Are we mechanising our operations to ensure better yields at lower costs? Has the MNREGA been used to create infrastructure in villages as a long term solution? We are hoping the youth from villages who come to Unnati and are primarily from farming backgrounds will definitely find answers to these issues. We do get them jobs in corporates but it is also about enlarging their vision and helping them think big.

Let me share a story of our youth Srinivas.  Coming from a small village with very few means, Srinivas started his career in a small shop as an attender. He joined Unnati got trained and was hired by a company like all others. What did he do differently that I am talking of him today?

He saved money during the first year and ensured that he put up a bore well in his land and made sure that his land had water, irrespective of the rain. His vision is commendable. His success story to me was an eye opener because, in a few years, he started earning very well through agriculture and started growing in his company also to reach executive levels. He is one of our early batch youth who proudly announced a purchase of a plot in Bangalore and then later invited us to his house warming ceremony. There are many such success stories – the entrepreneur from a small village near Hyderabad who is today a supplier of milk and has become extremely successful. Do not be surprised if you hear of Unnati brand of milk packets. The Unnatian who left his corporate job and started his bakery with all his savings in his village and today is trying to popularize  condiments prepared by his villagers and is marketing them in cities. All these are success stories of our youth.

Unnati is about giving the youth the power to think big and giving them the confidence to go after their dreams. Unnati is a platform which reinforces the belief in these youngsters that they too can. We are able to create this magic in just 35 days. Are we creating the bomb? No! We are only lighting the link which has the potential to explode and reach great heights.

The 3rd wave is disturbing our progress and commitments as we try to ensure we achieve our targets for 21-22. We are extremely grateful to our donors who stood by us during tough times and have ensured that we do not buckle as an organization during these most difficult times in our journey.

We look forward to completing this financial year smoothly and our plans for the next year are in full swing. We might end this year with 8000 youth having been trained. Our plan for the next year through Unnati and UNXT is 25000 youth. It is a change in the acceleration which we hope to induce. We need all your support as we work towards the next milestone.

Have a great year 2022.


Unnati Centre
Temple Road, Sadananda Nagar, NGEF East
Bangalore – 560038



Glimpses of the 4th batch’s valediction ceremony at Unnati Mira Road Centre.


Here’s some group pictures of the newly recruited Change Makers of 81st BAC. These photos were taken after the value sessions conducted by favourite ChangeMakers Mr. Narayanan & Mrs. Tara Narayanan.


On the 2nd day of Navratri. Unnati staff celebrated the day by wearing green. The colour for Navratri’s second day is green, signifying beginnings and growth.


A glimpse of Unnati 109th batch valediction.


Students of Unnati Harihar Centre, engaged in their “Tally Class”.


13th batch students of Chidambaram Centre, during Life Skills activity.


13th batch students of Chidambaram Centre, during a debate on “Is Technology Good or bad?”.


Unnati Mira Road Centre has successfully completed the valediction ceremony for the 4th batch.


We have opened our 2nd Unnati Skill Centre in Bidar. Here are some photos of the first batch at our new Centre in Bidar.


Placement cell session was conducted by UNXT


Unnati Harihar Centre’s ongoing batch, participating in an activity of introducing each other in English.


10th batch students of Unnati Sangam Vihar Centre, practicing mock interviews with Changemaker Mr. Tohsin Khan.


Unnati Jahangirpuri center’s 50th batch students in their assembly session & some of the artwork they had put up on the notice board.


Our CEO & Director Mr. Ramesh Swamy joined the NIRDPR NERC Guwhati – National Webinar on Education, Skill Development, and Employment for Youth – November 19,2021


TPDDL team conducting a session on health & hygiene to the 51st batch students of Unnati Jahangirpuri Centre.   


50th batch students of Unnati Jahangirpuri Centre appeared for their placement drive.         


 15th batch students of Unnati Madurai Centre, during their life skills session on “Goal Setting”.


Unnati Bellary centre celebrating the 38th batch valediction program.


Unnati Bellary centre has started the 39th batch.


Unnati ChangeMakers involved in food packet distribution.


Unnati Mira road Centre has started the 6th batch. These are the new students holding a chart on the ground rules.


38th batch students of Unnati Tenkasi Centre, engaged in a debate and discussion on the topic of ” Is growth is faster in corporate companies ?’.           


Unnati has partnered with Genlabs Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.   


The placement cell was organized by UNXT at Government first grade college.


Unnati Tiruvannamalai centre started their 12th batch.


12th batch students of Unnati Tiruvannamalai Centre, engaged in an activity on “Introducing Others In English“.


Pictures of Unnati Kirtinagar Centre students, engaged in the “Financial Wellness” workshop.


38th Valediction Ceremony at Tenkasi Centre.


Parents teacher meeting at Unnati Kirtinagar centre.


40th batch valediction ceremony at Unnati Jayanagar.


14th batch parents meeting at Unnati Chidambaram centre.


Dindigul Unnati centre celebrating 10th batch valediction ceremony.


Here are some pictures of our students, attending placement calls at Bidar Unnati Centre.


Current batch students of Unnati Kadapa centre, engaged in a “Facing an Interview” session.

Name – Mr. Rajesh
Batch – 111th
Unnati HO, Bangalore

Hi! I am Rajesh from Bangalore, I have undergone 35 days training in Unnati Bangalore. I am from 111th batch.

Unnati taught me various skills, values and Computer Knowledge.

Now I am very confident to face any situation or obstacles in my life. I have improved my communication skills which helped me to face interviews confidently and get a job. I learnt Tally, which is helping me to work accounts departments.

In Unnati 35 days course all the change makers helped us a lot and treated each and every one of us as their own child.

I am very happy after completion of 35 days course in Unnati. Now I am very confident that I will succeed in my life.

Thank you so much Unnati

Name – Mr. Nishi Kumar
Batch – 106th
Unnati HO, Bangalore
Job after Unnati – Lifestyle

Hi, my name is Nishi Kumar. I joined the 106th Batch at Unnati

I had studied in a Govt. school and spoke only in Telugu and could not speak even a single sentence in English. During my course at Unnati I learnt and started speaking in English.  Now I can speak confidently with everyone. I learnt a lot about life and how to conduct myself in a responsible manner.

Now I am very happy and confident that I am productive in my field. I got placed in Life Style. At Unnati all the Changemakers and my friends supported me and their love and care has brought a huge transformation in me. I now belong to this lovely family called Unnati.

I thank Unnati for giving me this wonderful opportunity to stand tall.

*  *  *

 Thank you !


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