Amaresh and his transformation

Amaresh was an engineering student  who had graduated from Coimbatore and was looking for a job in Bangalore. The shift from a small city to a big and bustling metropolitan Centre isn’t easy on anyone. Adapting to the scurry and scuttle nature of Bangalore is challenging and this wasn’t an exception for Amaresh.  In addition to this transition, looking for a job didn’t get easier with the poor confidence and communication skills Amaresh  had. 

With the job hunt only getting more taxing, Amaresh’s brother referred him to Unnati. Through Unnati’s curriculum centred around employable values, Amaresh was able to learn various skills that would assist him in getting a job. Through Unnati, he learned skills such as handling and overcoming various difficult situations, clear and concise communications skills as well as building up his own self-confidence. The Unnati course, curricula and community all had their own various influences on him being able to induct these various skills into his own personal ethos. 

After undergoing training in Unnati’s 98th batch, Amaresh has now found a successful and well paying job at Wipro as a project manager. Through Amaresh’s success story, we learn the lesson of being able to adapt to the busy and bustling conditions this era requires.

An entrepreneurial revolution 

Chokka Gouda has lived in the Ballari district all his life. He’s been there for 25 years, unaware of essential skills such as knowing basic level English because his mother tongue is Kannada. He was unable to keep  up with the language requirements our now globalised India uses, however, he scraped through and managed to find a job at a bank in his district. Due to his lack of knowledge of english, he was not confident and very terrified of having to converse with people. Barely managing, Chokka one day got a call from his friend who shared the details of Unnati, that would go on to changing his life. 

Chokka came to Bangalore and learnt revolutionary skills from Unnati. 

“Unnati was a better centre for knowledge and skills like talking.” He says. Through Unnati, he broke through his uncertainty of having to talk to people because of the various classes and operations they conducted to make him both confident of himself, as well as to give him the well versed holistic skill of the English language. Along with these vital skills Chokka needs in today’s workforce to find a job, he learnt to be a convincing orator. 

Now through the art of persuasion, he has with a low budget, built his own business starting ground up at his home town. His business is now running successfully, even surviving the trepidations of the pandemic! Along with being an incredibly successful entrepreneur, he recently trained some family and children ranging from the ages of 1-6 in  english spelling, grammar and oration. He believes he has Unnati to thank for the revolutionary effect they have had on his life, and the Unnati family wishes nothing but the best for him.

From zero to hero  

Srinivas, like many other individuals that Unnati trains, comes from a humble background. He struggled with finding a job and being able to earn for his family, solely because of his poor communication skills. He, like many others, was afraid to talk to people due to the poor language he had retained. The stress of not being able to find a job was weighing on him gravely. Looking for any salvation to this, a close friend referred him to Unnati and told him that enrolling would improve his communication and therefore put an end to his unsuccessful search for a job. 

Through Unnati’s comprehensive, 4 tier process, Srinivas not only learnt to manage speaking in English, but also vastly improved his grammar, diction and spelling. He harnessed his skills through learning theoretically as well as practically, which made the job hunt and adapting to the job a much simpler process for him He is now overjoyed to report that he is no longer afraid to talk to new people, and he in fact, welcomes it. 

Srinivas went from having absolutely no knowledge of the English language to becoming quite fluent in it. He now works for a bank, and is even expecting to receive a promotion at this job! His progress at Unnati has now also led him to being able to conduct induction training for around 100 new recruits at the bank and train them. Srinivas is the sole earner for his family and he’s more than happy to take on any challenge and overcome anything that crosses his path in the future! 

– written by Nethra, volunteer at SGBS Unnati Foundation.

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