“Confidence is the Mantra for Success ”

The only reason behind low confidence levels is the mindset towards one’s own strengths. It can be observed that common issues faced by many youth are low confidence, fear of faltering, inability to communicate in English etc. The only way to tackle and solve these problems is to constantly work on developing a state of mind that instills confidence by constantly backing it by equipping themselves in the required areas.

Students in one of our Unnati Centre.

This week when Unnati’s placement counselor Sharmila Srinivas had a conversation with new batch students from Jahangirpuri, who were gaining confidence to speak in English. She found that youngsters who come from poor economic backgrounds are highly talented, but struggle to find proper resources to upgrade their life skills. They require a counsellor/ mentor or an institution that helps them to equip themselves with the required skill sets and guides them on their selected career path.

At Unnati, we focus on empowering the youth to work on their communication skills, and to instill in them the confidence to build their career. We keep the classrooms student friendly, encourage them to create their own ground rules and not break them. Everyday we organize an assembly in the auditorium and all the youth that enrolled are encouraged to read English newspapers & share the news in front of their classmates, which helps them to overcome their fears of speaking in English. We conduct pick and speak in English, wherein the youth improve their public speaking. We set  platforms for the youth to share their experiences and talk about their dreams and encourage them to dream big, at the same time set realistic goals and assist them in how to go about making it a reality.  

Career counsellor suggests; confidence helps young adults make clear and informed decisions. If one is confident, he/she is  more likely to be assertive, positive, engaged, enthusiastic and persistent. Confidence is a ‘must have’ quality for any person. “Build confidence in children just like giving them food & shelter”–the counsellor opined. 

Swati, one of our alumni visited Unnati Bangalore Centre last month. Here is her experience of confidence.

Swati — A young girl from Uttara Karnataka came to Unnati in search of  job opportunities. She made new friends at Unnati, who came from across India. She developed confidence while undergoing her training at Unnati, under the guidance of the trainers and teachers who constantly worked on developing her skills. Presently she is with SBI and is a bubbly enthusiastic girl.

Swati, Unnati’s 100th batch student.

In Swati’s words; “I’m earning a good salary with incentives. I get to communicate with a lot of new people everyday. I talk to them confidently. I help them with SBI card queries. My multilingual skills and confidence is what makes me feel good. The confidence I developed made me what I am in society. Confidence is key to achieving a lot of things in life”, opines Swati.

Confidence helps us to do the same activities with more enthusiasm and energy and we find that life doesn’t seem a drudgery and one learns to see a lot of opportunity around them in turn.

– Written by Vaishu Manjunath, media & communications executive. 

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