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Give us your 35 days & we’ll change your life totally!

UNNATI with hostel facility

When an opportunity knocks on your doorstep, you must grab it. You never know where it could take you. Most of us tend to look for something bigger and better and in its quest lose what might have been an excellent opportunity

One such inspiring story is of Mr V Madhu from UNNATI’s 82nd Batch (6364774122). A B.Com graduate from Kuppam, AP, Madhu lived with his father, mother, and sister. As he was already aware of what UNNATI is all about, lost no time and joined UNNATI immediately after his graduation in the year 2018. Happy with his decision, his parents were more than happy to let him start UNNATI’s training.

In 2019 Madhu joined the training. He says his experiences at UNNATI are absolutely memorable. With the most encouraging trainers, he expresses his happiness with his mentors.

“All teachers at UNNATI are indeed helpful, not just during the class hours but all the time. They work very closely with all the trainees. Each of us got individual attention. This helped us identify individual weakness areas and work on them. They’re always ready to help and ready to go beyond their limits to ensure that all the students are at ease and learning well.” 

At UNNATI, apart from English speaking skills, Madhu equipped himself with technical skills such as Tally, GST, Microsoft Excel, so on. He feels he’s confident and is confident & ready for interviews. 

Post the training, within a month’s time, through UNNATI’s placements, Madhu was recruited by a company called ‘KARGIL’. He won himself Rs.2.5 lakhs CTC. He is very happy with his job and happier that this opportunity came to him only because he joined UNNATI. Ever since Madhu is a loyal trainee who recommends UNNATI to everyone in his community and encourages youth to join with closed eyes.

By Pooja K. (Intern) & Mrs Valli Ramesh Swamy (valuable volunteer)


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