vocational training

See how UNNATI’s vocational training settled life of a boy from Orissa.

“Believe you can and, you are halfway there.” rightly said by the great historian, writer Theodore Roosevelt. At times, we become our own enemies. We should never underestimate our capabilities and should keep pushing ourselves until we get what we want. Know your limits to push yourself to them. One such story of determination is of Mr Anidya Kumar Deo from UNNATI’s 80th Batch (8327709658).

Born and raised in Orissa, Anidya graduated with BSc from Uthkal University. His family consisted of his father who was a farmer and his mother was a housewife. He also had a brother and sister who were pursuing their studies. In the year 2014, to start his career, he decided to move to Bangalore.

After coming to Bangalore he worked for a short period of time, but he knew there’s something missing in his skill set. Just around that time he heard about UNNATI’s training and immediately decided to join the training. He considers himself lucky to have been introduced to UNNATI by alumni.

Although Bangalore was a new place for him, he describes UNNATI as a home away from home. Friendly peers, encouraging trainers, with a safe place to stay along with healthy food made him feel at home. Apart from these comforts, he cherishes his time spent at UNNATI during training sessions. He was quick enough to absorb all that was taught, such as spoken English, Tally, GST, and Computer basics.

Post UNNATI, Anidya felt a fresh burst of energy with all the new skills and felt very confident. Today, he works in one of the Bajaj group of companies and earns around Rs.25000/- per month. He is extremely happy with his work and thanks UNNATI for grooming him so well. According to him, UNNATI gave him the confidence to believe in himself and happy to recommend UNNATI to any youth he comes across. It will definitely benefit them and change their life forever. The 35 days’ training is all that is required to become self-reliant.

By Pooja K. (Intern) & Mrs Valli Ramesh Swamy (valuable volunteer)


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