How perseverance helps Mohan through challenges…the need of the hour

No profession is big or small. Striving towards the ultimate goal makes a person a true winner. One such true winner is Mr Mohan Melinamani from UNNATI’s 80th Batch (7259738624).

Originally from the Bijapur district in Karnataka, Mohan is a BSc graduate from Rani Chennamma University. His life took a twist after the demise of his father, the sole breadwinner of the family. The family’s complete responsibility fell on his eldest brother. While Mohan was willing to share the family burden, he felt he didn’t possess the required skills to join a job related to his field of study. He then heard about the training UNNATI was providing to youth and joined immediately. To date, he considered it as a god sent gift. Mohan is greatly thankful to his friend Ganesh for referring UNNATI to him. He chose to stay back in Bangalore to complete the training that changed his life forever.

For Mohan, the experience at UNNATI is filled with learnings. He cherishes his training days among friendly trainers. He remembers them as fun-filled days full of learnings. He is a happy person today who can not just converse in English confidently but also knows basic computers and most importantly the soft skills required at the workplace.

According to him, UNNATI gives the best training. The training not only helps one improve interpersonal skills but also equips with skills such as Tally, GST, so on. The value-based skills training encourages every youth to stand up for themselves and also imbibes good personal habits such as time management, financial planning, and other such day-to-day habits.

For the time being, Mohan is working as a taxi driver and is happy that the confidence gained during the training has kept him going. Although he is not very clear about the future, he is confident that he’ll make it through these hard times due to the pandemic. He is a believer in himself now and he is ready to get his hands dirty if need be to make it through the hard days. In his opinion, perseverance along with diligence is crucial to make it big in life.

By Pooja K. (Intern) & Mrs Valli Ramesh Swamy (valuable volunteer)


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