Jayadeb proves determination can get you success

Jaydeb Jana- 84th Batch- 9732950263

Dreams do come true only if one honestly and wholeheartedly works towards making it a reality. If one thinks dreams realize without putting in an effort, it is the biggest misconception. Let’s hear Jaydeb Jana and how his story of determination that helped him grow.

Jaydeb, born and brought up in West Bengal, was pursuing his post-graduation in M.Com from Kolkata University when his mother fell ill. Under these circumstances, he was forced to discontinue his studies and shift to Bangalore. 

Jayadeb and his mother joined his father who was working in Bangalore. His father was working as a security guard and it was necessary for Jaydeb to start earning so that he could financially support his family. Although his parents wanted him to study further, he couldn’t ignore the dire financial circumstances that the family was in.

While he was desperately looking for a job, Jaydeb heard from a friend about UNNATI and its transformational training. Without a second thought, his father enrolled him in the training immediately. This drastically changed things for the family.

In 2009, he joined UNNATI and successfully completed the training. Post-training he could see an unbelievable change in his complete personality. In addition to that, he was equipped with soft skills that gave him the confidence to talk fluently in English. Above all, he loved UNNATI classes and the way in which trainers helped him grow. This gesture by the trainers motivated him to strive towards excellence.

With UNNATI’s training, he won his first job offer at a company called ‘Tandem Accounting and Service Private Limited’. Consequently, he moved to another company called ‘Y-Cook India Private Limited’ with whom he continues to work. He earns Rs.17000/- a month. Along with this, he completed MCom and proud of himself. In an effort to recognize the efforts put by UNNATI, he is immensely thankful to all at UNNATI for giving him strength and ability to dream & grow.

By Pooja K. (Intern) & Mrs Valli Ramesh Swamy (valuable volunteer)


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