Finding Success is a continuous process. Take solid steps towards a brighter future with UNNATI

“Stop waiting for things to happen; go out and make them happen” – a famous saying about FUTURE tells us if you are waiting for the right time to do something, it is RIGHT NOW. Delay in taking action will only make you miss an opportunity of changing your future. One such inspiring example is a UNNATIAN Mr Malarpu Nagabhushanam of 84th Batch (9845687036).

Coming from a family of four, Nagabhushanam, a resident of Andhra Pradesh, settled in Bangalore after his completion of BCom. from SJES College (2013 batch).

Before his life-changing encounter with UNNATI, he had tried his luck in various types of jobs in a number of organizations like Uber, Reeds, and also in the sales department at Big Bazaar. While exploring for upskilling, he heard about UNNATI from his uncle and heard live experiences from one of his friends who had completed training with UNNATI and was employed in an organization called KARGIL. Seeing his friend make his parents proud by being financially independent, Nagabhushanam was curious about UNNATI and its training.

He thought it was the right thing he needed and joined UNNATI to begin reshaping his future. He started enjoying the training sessions and started collecting experiences during training sessions. He didn’t take too long to build a good rapport with all the trainers and there was no end to his learnings. Like a sponge, he started absorbing learnings and grow.

Today, Nagabhushanam believes he has improved a lot in a lot of areas such as interpersonal skills, computer skills, & so on after joining UNNATI. Although he was residing in Bangalore for a while, it was only after his training at UNNATI that brought true transformation in him. Now, he has improved his speaking skills not just in English, but also in Kannada that will help him interact easily at the workplace.

According to him, he learned to combat stage fright only after joining UNNATI. Today, he is a confident person who can easily speak in front of a larger crowd too.

When he introspects, he is happy to share with everyone that UNNATI not only introduced him to work-related skills, it helped him improve his overall personality. Post his completion of training at UNNATI, he received a job offer from HBB bank, where he was earlier employed in the finance department but had lost the job due to a medical emergency. He says UNNATI made it easier for him to find a good job. Now, he is working at KSBSL in the data entry department and earns up to 2.5 lakhs per annum.

Along with his work at KSBSL, Nagabhushanam is pursuing an IT course in Hardware and Computer Networking to upskill himself and open doors for more job opportunities. Joining UNNATI is just the beginning of a beautiful journey with oneself. He says UNNATI has truly transformed him.

By Pooja K. (Intern) & Mrs Valli Ramesh Swamy (valuable volunteer)


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