Life transformations that amaze!

“Whoever I’m today, is all because of UNNATI”

Saleem Nadaf – 80th Batch– 9611437779

“Following your own path can be difficult at times, but one should never lose hope and believe that you will achieve your goal one day or the other. This is rightly said as if hope is lost everything is lost.”

Saleem Nadaf is a resident of Belgaum and lives there with his family. They are two brothers and a sister. His sister is married and his father and brother manage their hotel business. Unlike his brother, he decided to create his own path.

After finishing his schooling, he successfully graduated from Rani Chennamma University in Belgaum. He then came to Bangalore and joined Unnati. He says that joining Unnati was one of his best decisions. Many parents expect their children to do what they couldn’t pursue but his parents fulfilled his dream of coming here and doing what he wanted to.

Saleem was very ecstatic about the fact that he was able to come and learn here. Even though it was a bit difficult for him to pay the fees initially, he didn’t want that to be a hindrance in his journey so although it was a bit delayed he still managed to pay his fees and continued and successfully finished his course.

Even today he fondly remembers his teachers as well as his classmates who made his experiences here memorable.

Here at Unnati, he learnt various subjects like Spoken English, Tally, Microsoft, etc. but what grabbed his interest here was tally and he tells that in the future if he chooses a profession that it would be in this area. It was at Unnati that he discovered his interest for this subject. He got placed in a company called CMS, where he got selected for a similar post.  He worked there for about a year and is now looking for doing something better

Here at Unnati he also learnt many life lessons that he thinks have made him a better person. It was after he attended the spoken English classes that he gained confidence in speaking the language. He is now a confident person who does not fear putting across his views on any subject.

He says Unnati is the best platform for one who succeeds in life. After successfully finishing his course here, today he is referring many youth to Unnati who he feels will benefit immensely from it.

By Pooja.K (Intern) & Mrs. Valli Ramesh Swamy (Vol.)

Team Unnati

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