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Standing Tall, and doing Unnati proud

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison


Shravanthi is a smart young girl from Kadapa in Andhra Pradesh. Born to a farmer and his wife, she has two siblings, a sister who is married and a brother who is studying. As is true with most farmers in the country, the family income was hand-to-mouth, averaging Rs. 5000 per month.

Shravanthi had completed her PUC and was part of the Aarti foundation in Kadapa where she first heard about Unnati. Unnati volunteers had conducted an introductory boot camp there, which drew her to Unnati jn Bangalore. She joined the 64th batch in 2017, specializing in Admin vocation.

While at Unnati, Shravanthi recalls that every class and every lesson taught has been so useful to her. She specifically wanted to mention the weekly session on Ethics that has taught her a lot of values. Echoing a lot of students’ sentiments, she mentions that Unnati is a huge platform, especially for people like her who come from a different economic strata and a small town. She says she cannot imagine having casual conversations, let alone business discussions, with colleagues if Unnati hadn’t helped mould her to what she is today!

Shravanthi got a first job at a small digital startup. After a few months of working there. Things did not turn quite well, and she wanted to give up. That’s when Unnati’s lessons on standing tall with self-confidence came to her help! Within a few weeks, she got a job at Cummins, where she still works.

Shravanthi earns around Rs. 2.16 lakhs per annum today, which is thrice her family’s annual income.

Not just that. She went on to complete her graduation (B.A.) and is pursuing a Master’s degree now in Business Administration. And if I haven’t mentioned yet, our conversation was completely in well-spoken English!

Shravanthi likes to thank Unnati for being her pillar of support, for teaching her how to face people easily, for providing all those “Spoken English” demonstration opportunities and above all, for teaching their students about the right value system. She says that true to their brand catch-phrase, Unnati encourages and ensures that all their students “Stand Tall”!

Thank you, Shravathi! And good luck in all your pursuits.

Team Unnati.

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