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It is believed that time has come where women get equal opportunities and scope of earning their livelihood is large. But if we sit back and think for a minute, is this true?

It’s the era where women are expected to obtain and achieve on same footing as men, but the real question is how many of them are really encouraged? How many are given the chance to speak? How many get the second chance after they are married?

Recently Unnati foundation had its first batch valedictory function in the Hebbal branch, where majority of our trainees were married women. We may have to re think about the aspect that these women are encouraged to pursue their career apart from being homemakers after hearing their stories. It makes us think as of how it was easy for us to say and how difficult it is to achieve the same.

It is delightful to see how the program conducted by Unnati made them bold to take decisions on their own and think of restarting their lives. One of the trainee mentions how they were scared to speak or how they felt left out in the society or discriminated initially and how their lives transformed after the program. Few got placed in good companies, few had confidence to start their own business which once was small scale and conducted at home. More than any of the curriculum provided by the Unnati foundation, its how they got the courage to get out of their four walls and do something useful for their lives apart from just doing the house hold chores on time. Unnati laid a strong foundation for them to stand and acquire what they seek and its not just about being married as one is a woman, or just about being a mother after they have children, it’s about discovering their lost self, their curbed voices and their ability to achieve and provide much more to their families and not just the household chores.

Each one of them were emotional about the program winding up. They wished to learn more and achieve.

Indeed, Unnati mainly focuses on youth, but after this batch we may have to widen the scope of our thinking about the term youth. It’s the zeal and that attitude of being ready to learn and work to the fullest and sometimes just not the age. There is absolutely no limitation for learning. It’s all about fighting their battles for themselves without missing out on values and ethics. That’s what Unnati foundation looked forward to accomplish through this batch.  We are looking forward to train more such batches and walk towards betterment of women, change their lives and make them smile with confidence again.




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