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A journey from Karimnagar to Bangalore – Which ended up successfully because of Unnati

“Sometimes, The only realists are the dreamers” – Paul Wellstone

Article 1(Navitha).JPGNavitha Chinthapandu – 5th Batch – Systems Engineer (SE) 

Navitha a 22 year old girl from Karimnagar, Telangana, came to Bangalore with many dreams in her eyes. Navitha’s father is no more and mother is a home maker. She has 2 siblings’ a brother and a sister. Her sister has done MBA and is presently preparing for bank exams. Her brother runs a garment shop and till recently happened to be the only earning member at home. Navitha is a graduate in Electronic & Communication.

After completing her studies Navitha was unsuccessful in securing a job and was not sure what to do next. It was then that Praveen Kumar (1st batch of Dickenson Centre) introduced her to the Unnati Program. Praveen convinced her mother and that made her joining Unnati easy.” Unnati made me a very positive person. Every day we learnt something new and it was such a wonderful experience” says Navitha.

Navitha says she picked up 4 lessons from Unnati that are surely going to be useful to her throughout her life –

  • Presentation skills– Navitha mentions that from day one Unnati students were taught how to make presentations. Every morning during the morning assembly each student had to give a presentation on different topics which really helped a lot.
  • Punctuality– Navitha feels that she has become a more punctual person after joining Unnati because the time table that students are asked to follow is designed in such a way that it expects the student to be very systematic and organized and in 50 days it becomes part of their life.
  • Confidence – The Unnati training provides a stage to develop confidence as well. There are multiple opportunities for each student to exhibit and develop confidence.
  • Communication – The practical sessions during training ensure that each individual’s ability to communicate comes to the fore and is moulded accordingly.

“50 days at Unnati is not just a training programme,it is the best platform for people like me to discover ourselves” says Navitha. It was possible to improve my communication skills over a short period of time added Navitha. Unnati is a special and unique program, unlike many other programs as it provides the much required job at the end of the training.

Navitha will be completing her course on 23rd February (Unnati Skill Centre,Dickenson Road) and she has already secured a job. She never thought that before completing her course she will get placed with a good package of 4.49 Lakhs per annum.It’s a dream come true for her. She has been placed with EMC2, Bangalore and for her it is has been a very memorable journey from Karimnagar to Bangalore, which she is going to cherish her entire life. We all have some set goals and dreams in life but there are very few who work towards it religiously and Navitha is one of those people who not only dream but work hard towards making it a reality. “I want to grow at every step of my life and after 5 years I see myself as a good Manager” says Navitha. Navitha thanks Unnati for her success.

Team Unnati wishes her all the best in her life.

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