Exciting Results from GiveIndia’s Survey of Unnati Students!

We are happy to share with you the results of an Outcome Analysis Survey conducted by GiveIndia.

GiveIndia conducted a dipstick analysis of the students of Unnati (Bangalore Centre) from the 2012-13 batch, 2 years after completion of the course. They spoke to 50 randomly selected students and found that the students were – in general – very positive about the program. They spoke in English and interviews with parents or siblings revealed that they have seen considerable improvement in the English speaking capability and general attitude of the candidates.

Another note-worthy point is trend in current monthly salary. In the sample of 50, there are 34 salaried of whom 19 are earning more than Rs 12000 per month, including 2 earning significantly higher amounts (more than Rs. 25000!). Remaining 6 are self employed, 4 are pursuing education and 6 are not working currently. This is from a level where they were mostly either jobless or doing odd jobs earning Rs 2000-3000.

The results of the Survey definitely prove the quality and effectiveness of the Unnati programme, more so because they were conducted by an organisation as reputed as GiveIndia!

Below is a more detailed analysis of the survey.

20150609_Outcome analysis for SGBS Unnati students-page-001

20150609_Outcome analysis for SGBS Unnati students-page-002

20150609_Outcome analysis for SGBS Unnati students-page-003

PDF Version: 20150609_Outcome analysis for SGBS Unnati students


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