From having zero computer knowledge to becoming Manager of E-Commerce Operations: A journey of success made possible by Unnati!

Chandpasha hails from an agriculturalist family in Raichur and completed his BCom from Gulbarga University in 2012. His lack of communication skills and computer understanding meant that he lost out on several good job opportunities. So, despite a degree, he found himself looking for a good job for years, in the interim working several odd jobs, including one in construction and even one at a printing press with a starting salary of Rs.1,000.

It was then that he heard of Unnati from a friend who had undergone the training and had been placed in a good company thanks to the organisation. Having understood that his lack of knowledge was holding him back from a good job and a good life, Chandpasha decided to join Unnati. And that – he believes – is when his life changed.

Chandpasha 2

While the training at Unnati added immensely to his skill set and ensured his employability, it is the classes that lent to his personality development that he remembers the most. “Before Unnati, I had no patience. I understand now that it is very, very important. If you want good things, and a good life, you need patience and you need to work hard. If you have a dream, you should also have the patience to follow the dream,” says Chandpasha. It is clear that he not only remembers, but also follows all he learnt in the Life Skills and Values classes.

Chandpasha now works at Zwart India with a salary of more than Rs.20,000 per month. Although his title is ‘Manager of E-Commerce Operations,’ he also overlooks several other departments of the company, including accounts and sales. For a person who had zero knowledge of computers, this is a huge achievement! “Whatever I am, I learnt from Unnati,” he says, “Unnati has definitely made a difference in my life.”


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