25 Software Engineers Trained & Employed by Unnati, in just 4 months!

India is known to churn out 1.5 million engineers every year, more than the US (0.1 million) and China (1.1 million) combined!

Ordinarily, the huge influx of trained and skilled engineers entering the workforce every year would be worth celebrating. However shocking statistics reveal that the matter is instead a ticking time bomb.

Studies show that of 1.5 million engineering graduates, 20 to 30% of them do not find jobs. A large percentage of those who do, settle for jobs well below their technical qualification. 

The situation for students from Tier II and Tier III areas is worse still given that several of them come from families struggling to make ends meet, with parents often taking on loans to facilitate the education of their children.

While several factors have played a role in creating such a hostile job environment for engineers, one among them is the problem of ‘unemployability’. Lack of communication skills, lack of professionalism and lack of other critical soft skills render the graduates unemployable, holding them back from pursuing a fulfilling job and career.

Unnati has decided to tackle this mammoth problem in its own small way by developing a course tailor-made for Computer Science Engineers.

In association with the Senior Citizens Bangalore and RBANMS, Unnati started the course in May, 2015.

Unnati FB Announcement 23-09-15

The technical curriculum – developed by in collaboration with the reputed EMC2 Corporation – includes training in SQL,Operating Systems, HTML, Cloud concepts and more. In keeping with Unnati’s focus on character development and social transformation, the students are also taught Values and Life Skills, in addition to Spoken English.

We are extremely happy to report that the programme has been a marvellous success so far!

In just four short months, with two successive batches, Unnati has trained and employed more than 25 software engineers! These engineers have been placed with reputed organisations like EMC2, Kaynes Interconnections, Technoinfoware, Nanobi Analytics and Adecco to name a few.

This is but a small step in what is sure to be a long journey but one we believe is truly worth it!

Looking forward to your continued support in our efforts to transform India, one unemployed youth at a time.


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