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From Sira, Tumkur to HGS – A journey made possible by Unnati

Puneethraju – 43rd Batch – Ph: 8553912305

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Puneethraju hails from Sira of Tumkur district and belongs to a family of five, with his parents and two sisters. His father is a farmer who also owned a small grocery shop in the village. Puneethraju spent a great part of his youth helping his father in the grocery shop, but also managed to successfully complete his BA.

When things got very tough for the family financially, they pushed Puneethraju to come to Bangalore with the hope of better job prospects for their son. Despite a degree and basic computer skills, Puneethraju says he lacked the confidence and the communication skills to get the kind of jobs he wished to get.

He was working at the Big Bazaar near Unnati when his aunt and sister urged him to join the course, confident in the guaranteed job placements Unnati offered. With his decision to join Unnati, says Puneethraju, his life changed.

Over the duration of the course, Puneethraju says he learnt a lot. His biggest take-away however was the Life Skills class. He believes that through these classes he learnt how to behave in society, how to interact with society and how to help people. In addition to these, English classes and Analytics classes helped build his confidence. It is through these that he was able to ace the five-six interviews he attended during the course. Every interview he attended resulted in a job offer, including one from HGS Chennai. Since he was keen to work in Bangalore, he took the initiative and attended the interview for HGS here, successfully landing an enviable job.

Puneethraju thinks of Unnati as “Family,” with helpful faculty and classmates he is still good friends with. Before Unnati, Puneethraju earned Rs.5,000 a month, but after Unnati, he earns Rs.13,300 a month. This has helped his family situation greatly. He now contributes Rs.7000 to Rs. 8000 to his parents. With the rest, he says, he leads a happy and comfortable life.

Wish you good luck Puneethraju.

His story was recently covered in the reputed Kannada daily, Prajavani. A scanned copy of the article is attached below.

Team Unnati

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