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“Unnati is my second mother!”: The journey from Raichur to an online business school

“A mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take! “– Anonymous.


Mounesh – 39th Batch – Field Sales Executive – 91-95902-69829

Mounesh said he is blessed to have discovered Unnati. He told us that he felt his Mother’s love in the way he was treated while at Unnati, and strongly believes that one should respect Unnati like one would respect their mother.

Mounesh is from Raichur district in North Karnataka. He has an elder sister, who is now married. Mounesh’s parents have no steady income. They would work in others’ fields, do small-time jobs in order to run the family. At the most, his parents would earn a daily wage of Rs. 120 (combined) if both of them worked in the farms all day! To add to this financial instability, Mounesh’s father was an alcoholic.

In such a situation, Mounesh was able to study only until 6th standard in his native village. He moved to the closest town in the area to complete class 10. He stayed in a Government Hostel. And at both places, he spent most nights in his teachers’ houses, and ate at the school / hostel. His difficult situation at home and his curiosity to learn and be educated led him to doing this. He is very thankful to all his Gurus, without whom, he mentions, he would not have reached where he is today.

After completing 10th standard, he went on to do PUC and then B.Com, which he completed with a very competitive percentage. When all his friends were enjoying school / college vacations, Mounesh would quietly make trips to Bangalore, stay with his friends, do small time jobs as a contractor, in a provision store, in factories etc, and make enough money to fund his next term’s education. He has done this without a break for every vacation in his last 7 years of education. This determination has fetched him very good rewards today!

When Mounesh was doing his 5th Semester in college, he read about Unnati in a newspaper. He then reached out to them and told Unnati about his situation. And Unnati was more than welcome to induct him into the vocational course. Since Mounesh wanted to complete his graduation, he joined Unnati after completing the 6th semester.

Mounesh’s first experience at Unnati was watching the graduation ceremony of the 38th Batch. He recalls that it was the life-changing moment for him – to see so many students like him speak so well of the organization, and finding such good jobs! He said it was very inspiring to see his seniors.

Mounesh joined the 39th batch and chose the FSE vocation which had just been started. He was receptive to everything that was taught at Unnati.

  • Communication: Mounesh studied in the Kannada medium even until first year in B.Com.) He said Unnati’s course on communication was the best. He now speaks in very good English, and used minimal Kannada in our 30-minute conversation. This communication is very vital to his professional life today, where most of his work is done over the phone.
  • Confidence: Unnati instilled a lot of confidence in Mounesh and helped him stand up for himself. This trait again is helping him a great deal today.
  • Computer skills: Mounesh says students with a background similar to his are normally at a disadvantage, in terms of being technology-challenged. Unnati’s lessons on enhancing computer skills are so well-designed that anyone can learn & benefit.

Mounesh was placed in First Source Chennai through campus recruitment at Unnati. He worked there for 7 months for a pay of Rs. 90,000 a year, which was three times his family’s annual income.  His father was seriously ill and Mounesh had to pack his bags from Chennai to be with his father.  Today, Mounesh is very happy that he was able to fund his father’s medical expenses and the family did not have to take loans.

After a 2-month break to take care of his ailing father, Mounesh looked for another job. He found one at Avagmah.com. This is an online business school serving a few known Universities in south India. Mounesh works as a career counsellor there, and has an incentive pay. He now has a base pay of Rs. 1.52Lakhs per annum. He says that with incentives, he will get around  Rs. 2Lakhs per annum. Mounesh is very happy about his job and feels empowered.

Mounesh can’t even imagine a life without Unnati. He says there wouldn’t have been anything worth talking about. His parents have a small push-cart snacks stall at his hometown now, and he might have been helping there. According to him, Unnati has given him this life and he is sincerely thankful to Unnati!

Team Unnati is also very proud of Mounesh; his roots and path to success definitely offer a lesson or two for anyone to learn from.

Wish you the very best in life, Mounesh!

Contribution by Sukanya Kuppuswamy (Volunteer)

Team Unnati


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