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Unnati triggers a transformation: From Farmer to a successful Entrepreneur!

Heroes are those who strive through Life’s steep climb & never give up! – Anonymous.

Dear Friends,

suresh (1)

Suresh Reddy – 18th Batch – Retail – 91-97319-89207

Suresh Reddy is one such hero. He is a student of the 18th batch at Unnati, having graduated 4 years ago. Suresh’s family lives in Chikaballapur, and farming is the family occupation. Suresh is the only child to his parents. As with many farmer families that we speak to, Suresh is unable to give us a fixed number for monthly income. They lived on yield from the land, and made an average of Rs. 2500 every month.

Since Suresh was the only son, his parents could afford a college education for him. Suresh completed his Bachelor Degree in Arts, when a friend of his mentioned Unnati to him. He immediately came to Bangalore to be a part of the retail vocation of the 18thBatch.

At Unnati, Suresh liked everything that was being taught, since each of the subjects and topics covered were exactly relevant for the vocation. He picked the following as key learning’s from the course:

  • Basic knowledge on the subjects, which was imparted with focus so as to increase interest.
  • Personality development: He mentions that his self confidence increased tremendously, and this is helping him in business today.
  • Communication effectiveness: This is another trait he learnt at Unnati, which has shaped him up to what he is today.

On completing the course, Suresh’s first job was at KFC. This was way back in 2010, when he was paid Rs. 5600 a month. On doing a good job, he was promoted as Store Manager for that branch of KFC, and worked for 2 years.

Once out of KFC, Suresh joined Pizza Corner as a Manager. This was between 2012 & 2013, and his pay had increased to Rs. 15000 per month by then.

His search for better opportunities landed him a job at Mast Kalandar as General Manager, for a salary of Rs. 22000 a month, which was almost his family’s annual income.

Suresh was not contented. His jobs were in the same FMCG industry, and were not challenging him enough. He then took up a Sales Manager job with a real estate company. This company paid him Rs. 30000 a month.

After 4 years of doing many different jobs, Suresh’s quest for doing something challenging continued to push him harder. He now is an Entrepreneur, and is involved in marketing Real Estate properties across Bangalore. He says that this job earns him an average salary of Rs.50, 000 a month; 10 times his starting pay!

We created a representational graph of Suresh’s steep ascent since a pictorial representation can adequately capture this climb!

Suresh is very thankful to Unnati, and acknowledges that Unnati has shaped him into what he is today. He mentions that none of this would have ever been possible if he did not do the course at Unnati.

Team Unnati is very happy about Suresh’s accomplishments and wishes him more and more success!

Contribution by Sukanya Kuppuswamy (Volunteer)

Team Unnati


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