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A circle of life, made possible by Unnati: From student to volunteer teacher!

Confidence comes naturally with success. But, Success comes only to those who are confident!

Nithyanand – 22nd Batch – BPO Vocation – 99166-91933


Dear Friends,

After speaking to students from recent batches, we decided to talk to a student who was a part of the early batches of the 70-day Unnati vocational program. Nithyanand was a part of the BPO vocation of the 22nd batch, and completed in April 2010. It is amazing how the transformation triggered by Unnati is still very alive and active. The journey is long, and hence more inspiring!

Nithyanand was born in a farmer family in Bijapur. He has two elder brothers and an elder sister, who are all married. His father is a farmer, and his mother takes care of the home. When asked about his father’s income, Nithyanand is not even able to give us a fixed number. He says the yield from the farm was enough to feed the family, but they did not have any more. So there was a financial struggle, which meant that Nithyanand could only complete PUC. At present, one of his brothers teaches at a private school, while the other helps his father in the farm.

After completing PUC, Nithyanand was looking for a job, and he read about Unnati in a local newspaper. He immediately packed his bags to Bangalore, and was confident that his decision will earn him good results. While at Unnati, Nithyanand seems to have paid attention to every line that was spoken and taught. He calls out the following three points as being the most useful to him:
• The very approachable faculty
• The focussed teaching, which taught students exactly what they needed for their careers.
• The stress on communication.

I would like to specifically talk about the last point on communication. This is almost always a highlight from the Unnati students. The ones we speak to normally would have completed an average of 6 months on the job, but would still be very confident in speaking English. Nithyanand has been in the BPO industry for 4 and a half years now. After a few minutes into the interview, I felt like I was on an official conference call! He spoke flawless English with great confidence! Truly amazing, the work that Unnati does in this space!!

Nithyanand’s first job, through campus placement was at First Source, a BPO based in Chennai. He was recruited as an Executive with a pay of Rs. 7500 a month. After 12 months, he was promoted to Senior Exec with a pay hike. Since Nithyanand was good at his job & a confident young man, he was always looking for opportunities to do better. He applied through an Internal Job Posting for the position of “Team Leader” within First Source.
After three gruelling rounds of interview, he was selected as team leader and took a transfer to Hubli. His salary had more than doubled in three years.

In April 2014, Nithyanand got to know that Infosys was recruiting for their internal SAP team. He had already learnt the basics of SAP on his own, while at Chennai. He applied for the position, and needless to mention, landed himself a job at Infosys. Nithyanand now works as an Infosys direct employee on their payroll team. His current salary is 2.5Lakhs an annum, which is triple his first pay.

Nithyanand believes in giving back, and he says that Unnati has helped instill that thought in him! He now goes back to Unnati every weekend to train students on Analytics, which includes Logical Reasoning & Aptitude (Mathematics). He mentioned that his training helped increase the employability of Unnati students by TCS, and believes that he, along with the management , will soon strive for big industry placements (100% Infosys & TCS, he says) in the BPO vocation!

Life has indeed come a full circle, both for Nithyanand & Unnati in this case! Good luck, Nithyanand. Team Unnati is very happy about your career growth & wish you many more laurels and much happiness!

Contribution by Sukanya Kuppuswamy (volunteer)
Team Unnati

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