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Unnati, the “Creator”: A metamorphosis of sincerity & success!

The great thinker Socrates remarked, ‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, NOT on fighting the old, but on building the new’.  


Amarnath – 38th Batch – Admin (AA) vocation – 81054-37479

Amarnath (Amar) is from a small town in the Bangarpet Taluk of Karnataka. His family of 5 was supported financially solely by his mother, who is a social worker. Her modest income of Rs. 7000 a month (at max) was not enough to take care of Amar, his sister (who is studying now) and Amar’s grandparents, who are over 80 years old!

Amar did his primary schooling in a Government school at his hometown, but had to move to Bangarpet for his PU. He completed his PU, and moved on to do a Diploma in Fire & Safety Engg from a college in Chikaballapur. Once he completed that diploma, he signed up for another Diploma in Electronics and Communication Engg.

 It was during this Diploma course that Amar’s life took a bad turn. He ran himself into some trouble, and had to discontinue his Diploma. (During our conversation, he mentioned that he now has the resolve to complete that Diploma as well).

At that point, one of Amar’s family acquaintances, who himself runs an NGO called TREES (Team for Reformation, Education & Environmental Services), mentioned about Unnati to Amar. He had advised Amar to take the 70day vocational training course, and strongly believed that Amar’s future will be sealed, and sealed for good, at Unnati.

Once at Unnati, Amar chose the AA vocation. He says those 70 days have transformed him completely. He enjoyed every teaching session, and seems to have discovered himself during the course! With great difficulty, Amar was able to narrow down to the following 3 points as his most prized learning’s from the course. And this list is not very different from what many students tell us:

  • Spoken English classes. Amar used to feel very inferior about not being able to speak in English, even after knowing words and sentence constructs.
  • Life Skills sessions: This has been on every student’s list! Amar specifically points out to the sessions on punctuality and its importance in his career.
  • Analytics: He mentioned that the sessions on Analytics were very interesting and informative.

Amar wants a special mention of the faculty for all of these 3 topics!

Once the course was complete, Amar was able to attend a few campus interviews from Unnati, and was selected in every one of them. He very proudly mentioned that it was very difficult to select which offer to take and is thankful to the staff at Unnati, who helped him choose RealtyKart.

Amar is very happy about having chosen RealtyKart, and has continued in that job for the last year and a quarter. He is now a “Property Supervisor” at RealtyKart, and makes around Rs.1,80,000  a year, which has now helped triple his family income. His salary also consists of perks (for travel & accommodation).

Amar meets a minimum of 10 prospective RealtyKart customers every day, and has to travel 100km minimum. He says Unnati taught him patience & punctuality, which has helped him keep a calm head and win many customers. He was earlier very short-tempered. Also, the spoken English classes are helping him a great deal. His job has allowed him to buy a new bike for himself, and he is thrilled with the new acquisition!

When asked to put the Unnati experience in one sentence, Amar says: “My parents gave me this janmaa; Unnati has given me LIFE!!”

All the best, Amar! Students like you make Unnati more widely known, & more successful in transforming the lives of many, many youth!!

Contribution by Sukanya Kuppuswamy (volunteer)

Team Unnati

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