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A farmer lad from Kollegal becomes a top quality Data Entry Operator

Ashok Naik – 32nd Batch (Retail) – 88927-33522


‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’ – Mahatma Gandhi.

Many students who join Unnati from rural Karnataka hail from a farming background. Ashok Naik is one such student. His native town is in the Kollegal district. His father is a farmer and his mother a homemaker. Ashok has a younger sister who is recently engaged, and a younger brother who is pursuing his college education.

Ashok was able to study until his Pre University (PU) in Kollegal. After that, he had to find a job to support his family. His father was the only bread winner, and life was not easy for this family of five.

Ashok’s cousin was introduced to Unnati through a friend, and it was this cousin who spoke to Ashok and his family about Unnati and the 70-day vocation course. Ashok had no choice back then, and decided to pursue the course at Unnati – a life-changing decision, in his own words!

Back in his hometown, Ashok was never punctual to any place, including school. He said he would always go late to school, and never felt like being on time. Ashok also mentioned that he never really understood the value of money, and would keep asking his father for more pocket money, when the family was struggling to fund his education and primary needs.

Ashok recalls that Unnati taught him the basic values of life, and points out that the following three topics he learnt at Unnati have immensely helped him:

  • Punctuality and its importance. At Unnati, everyone had to be punctual. No exceptions.
  • Value of money, and the benefits of saving money. Ashok recalls that they were also told how to invest (introductory).
  • Effective Communication: Ashok, like some other students tell us, never knew to speak in English when he joined Unnati. He had studied in Kannada Medium, and English was a neglected “language only” subject. Unnati taught him how to make sentences, and how to communicate in English with confidence.

After completing the course at Unnati, Ashok was placed as a salesman in Lifestyle store and earned an annual pay of Rs. 78000. This changed his family’s financial situation, but Ashok wanted to achieve more. With the computer knowledge he got from Unnati, he thought he could change his field of work, and applied for Data entry jobs.

Ashok has been working with ACS for 18 months now as a data entry operator, before which he worked for 6 months in another Infotech company.

Ashok now earns a huge Rs. 1,80,000/- annually, which is more than double the money he got as a salesman. He wished to change his family’s financial situation and is now bringing about that change himself. His sister has recently been engaged and a lot of that responsibility has been borne by Ashok.

Data entry operators are incentivised based on the quality of their work. There are stringent quality checks. Ashok’s work consistently beats the 110% mark on quality, which is considered above par. Ashok attributes the high quality work directly to the value education (on Like Skills) and the computer knowledge that was imparted in the 70-day vocational course at Unnati. He thanks the staff at Unnati for his success.

Team Unnati is very happy about the consistent high quality performance of Ashok, and wishes him more success in his profession and in his personal life!

Contribution by Sukanya Kuppuswamy ( volunteer )

Team Unnati

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