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From Koppal to the Karnataka Police Force: A passion propelled by Unnati

Basavaraj – 40th Batch – Admin Assistant – 97402-20395


Benjamin Franklin once rightfully said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.

The quote above is a true reflection of Unnati’s work towards bringing out hundreds of successful students and transforming their lives through a 70-day vocational course. Basavaraj echoes this feeling and mentions that he first salutes Unnati for their “help and selfless service”.

Basavaraj is from the Bodur village in Koppal district. His father is a farmer and mother a home maker. He has a brother who is now studying B. Ed (and Basavaraj was very proud of that), and his siste just got married.

Basavaraj’s family was making a meagre Rs. 2000 per month. Since they had a farm, the produce from there helped the family eat a whole meal a day, but they could not satisfy any other need. Basavaraj still pursued and completed his bachelor degree in Commerce from Koppal.

When he was searching for a job and wondering where to migrate, since Koppal did not have too many opportunities, he came across an ad / write-up on Unnati in the Vijay Karnataka newspaper. He did not waste too much time before joining Unnati.

While at Unnati, Basavaraj was very excited about the course and all the lessons he was being taught.

He thinks that the teaching was so practical, and the teachers were the best he’d ever seen. He never thought that teachers could be so friendly.

Basavaraj is very emotional when he remembers how Unnati provided not just high-quality education, but also ensured accommodation for the students. He says, “Who will take such good care of students today?”

Basavaraj thinks that his confidence and communication have improved tremendously after attending the Unnati course. He is also appreciative of the basic computer knowledge that was imparted. He says students like him, who come from remote villages, have never been exposed to computers, and lose out in the job race for this big reason.

After successfully completing the course at Unnati, Basavaraj was clear that he wanted to join the Police Force in Karnataka. The new-found self confidence from the Unnati course helped him follow his passion. But for Unnati, he feels he would have landed himself in an accounting job.

The perseverance seems to have paid off. Basavaraj has been selected for the Police Constable training, and is now in Mysore undergoing that training. Come Dec 1, he will get his first posting as a constable with the Karnataka Police. He proudly says, “I now have a Government job!”

Basavaraj is very earnest when he says that the lessons on self-discipline at Unnati have helped him a lot during the police training days. Also he feels that his computer knowledge will help get a posting as a computer analyst or the likes, in the police force.

Basavaraj’s is a unique story of success – of pursuing a passion and finding a Government job. Team Unnati is very happy to have propelled that passion, and wish him many more successes in his career!

Team Unnati


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