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Can there be a bigger award than this for Unnati!

This is an extract of the conversation had between Ms.Venu Priya, a student of Unnati and Ramesh Swamy on Facebook some months back. Its very short but nothing short of a big award for Unnati.

  • Conversation started April 2

4/2, 1:22am

Venu Priya


  • April 2

4/2, 7:51am

Ramesh Swamy

thank you so much

where are you working these days? give some more details about you

  • April 3

4/3, 12:24am

Venu Priya

After Unnati i worked 1 year in Kaati zone, salary-4.500, in 1 year i got 1200 increment so total salary-5700 after that i jumped to Inmark [ its a garment showroom] salary- 9500 there i worked 1 year, in bitween that i got marry. Now i have one baby girl, so now i am not working, after 6 month i will go for work.

4/3, 12:31am

Venu Priya

Next month my baby’s naming ceramany is there can u guess wts my baby name



  • April 3

4/3, 7:01am

Ramesh Swamy

This is so flattering to us. We want you to come to Unnati sometime.

  • April 3

4/3, 12:01pm

Venu Priya

Sorry sir i will be coming there shortly


Team Unnati


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