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Mr.Kumarmangalam Birla donates to Unnati

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On the occasion of the 25 th Wedding anniversary of Kumaramangalam Birla and Neerja Birla  a handful of carefully selected  NGO’s were invited and presented a cheque of 25 lakhs .Our sincere gratitude to the Birla family for donating 25 lakhs to Unnati. This has come at a very appropriate time, as we are planning to build a hostel for the underprivileged youth, who join Unnati, batch after batch. This amount will be used towards part financing this project. This donation has given a great impetus to follow up on this hostel project and ensure fruition. We are grateful to the Almighty and pray that his grace be on the Birla family, always, for supporting many such causes, across the country.

Team Unnati.


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