A successful corporate career: Dream made True by Unnati

manjula Manjula – 37th Batch – Beautician course – 90359-89394   Go as far as you can see; when you get there, you’ll see farther.’ – J.P. Morgan.  

This quote of JP Morgan’s fits Manjula’s life story for more reasons than one. Like many Gurus say, one gets that much far in life as one wants to. Manjula’s is a story of resounding success, one where there were no limits to dreams and what she thought she could do. She attributes all credit for that success to Unnati.

Manjula hails from Anantapur and has two siblings, a brother and a sister. Her father works with a logistics company as a packer / mover, and her mother is a home-maker. When her father got enough business, the family would make around Rs. 10000 a month. Manjula was the eldest of the siblings, and had to work early in her life to support the family. She worked in an Ayurvedic care centre for 3 years, and with the minimum pay, was able to add to her family’s monthly income. Her parents decided to get her married early. Manjula moved to Bangalore after her marriage, and is blessed with a very supportive husband.

Once in Bangalore, Manjula would pass by Unnati often since she lived in the area. One day she decided to step in and find out what they were doing, and that changed her life! She decided to join the 37th batch, and her husband was very supportive of that. She opted for the beautician vocation, since she already had the work experience from a care centre. She says there are multiple things at Unnati that she learnt from, and the following emerge as her top three topics:

  • Public speaking: Manjula mentions that she had no confidence in speaking to people before she joined Unnati. Unnati gave students multiple opportunities to speak in public, and she says she really learnt how to speak to people, that too in fluent English, and that trait is helping her perform well in her job today.

  • Computer skills: When we speak to different students, each one has a unique point about Unnati. Manjula mentioned about how under privileged youth would yearn to learn computers and couldn’t economically afford it. Unnati provided that platform to students, and if they use it well, they benefit for future. She says jobs come easily to people who have basic computer skills.

  • Life Skills:This is a common domain that over 90% of the students hail as the top three knowledge-gains from Unnati. She says she learnt to live life as a better human being, thanks to these life skills’ lessons.

Manjula’s first job was at a beauty parlour called ‘Glitters’ in Kasturi Nagar. She did that job sincerely. In parallel, thanks to a supportive husband, a quality 70-day course and true to the quote of “..looking farther when you get there..”, she looked for an opportunity where the Unnati lessons would be better-used. And she found a job in one of the large corporate, JP Morgan!

It’s not just any job – Manjula is a direct employee of JP Morgan, and works there as a receptionist. She says her whole job is speaking to people and speaking right. She has to be smart, take decisions on the fly & coordinate activities. Manjula mentions that the public speaking courses at Unnati are helping her every day!

Manjula sounded very happy when she mentioned that her annual income is Rs. 2,40,000/- which has more than doubled her family income. She works 5 days a week, and has pickup & drop facilities like other employees. She has been working there for 4 months, has not heard anything negative on her performance, and is confident of receiving good comments during her appraisal.

Manjula mentions that the entire credit for her corporate job, the income and all her success is completely to Unnati. She says Unnati is such a God-sent opportunity for underprivileged youth, and she is fortunate to have benefited from it. She says many more youth should be aware of such a program, and she is doing her bit to spread the word. She has already referred two students to Unnati.

Manjula wants to give back to the organization that has given her so much. She feels that she will do Unnati more proud by contributing after a year of success in her career, and is working hard towards that.

A major part of my conversation with Manjula was in flawless English.  It felt wonderful to speak to someone like Manjula who has a lot of clarity in speech & thought, who feels grateful to the right set of people who have shaped her and remembers to mention them, and who has this never-say-die attitude.

Team Unnati is very happy about Manjula’s success and wishes Manjula the very best to complete many successful years of professional life!     Contribution by Sukanya Kuppuswamy (volunteer)   Team Unnati


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