A woman with few words and many deeds


Vedashree – 38th batch – 97397-99169 – Retail

At a time and age where “self-marketing” is the order of the day, it is rare to meet someone like Vedashree, who is very quiet. She comes across as naive, yet very aware and focussed on her job. Getting Vedashree to talk for fifteen minutes on her life was a wonderful experience in itself.

Vedashree hails from Tumkur. Her father is an electrician and her mother, a home-maker. The family has two girls, Vedashree being the eldest. Her younger sister is now pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Commerce. The family has now settled in Bangalore. With a monthly income averaging Rs. 5000, it was difficult for the family to make ends meet, especially after having migrated to a large, expensive city like Bangalore in search of greener pastures.

Vedashree’s parents, however, did not let the financial crunch hit their children’s education. Vedashree went on to complete a Diploma in Computer Science.After completing her education, when she faced the unemployment challenge, her neighbours mentioned Unnati to her. And that, Vedashree mentions, like every other student we’ve spoken to, was the turning point in her life!

She came to Unnati & joined the 38th batch, specializing in the Retail vocation. At Unnati, Vedashree mentions that she learnt a lot of useful lessons on personality development & life skills, apart from courses on the chosen vocation. She specifically mentioned the communication training, and how much confidence that training has instilled in her. Unnati also gave Vedashree a lot of friends, who have made sure she is social & interactive.

Once she completed the course at Unnati, Vedashree was placed at Realty Kart, through campus interview. She continues to work for Realty Kart now, and earns close to Rs. 1,00,000/- per annum. This has more than doubled her family income, and she is happy and satisfied with her job.

Again, like  many other students we speak to, Vedashree says this transformation was possible only because of Unnati. She is very thankful to all the staff at Unnati, and says she will ‘give back’ to the organization in terms of any help they would need from her.My entire conversation with Vedashree was in English. Even when I switched languages to ask a question, or explain some detail, her response was always in plain, grammatically correct English. She sounded very confident and the clarity in thought was very evident.

 We, at team Unnati, would like to wish Vedashree the very best as she scales more peaks and achieves excellence in all her pursuits.

Contribution by Sukanya Kuppuswamy ( volunteer )

Team Unnati


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