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Creating his own Destiny: From Agriculture to Amazon

‘Strength and Growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.’ – Napoleon Hill.
Suresh – 98444-70624 – 31st Batch – Retail & Marketing

The first thing that strikes us when we speak to Suresh is his clarity in communication. He speaks’ to the point’ and is very comfortable conversing in English. In Suresh’s own words, both these were not even close-to-being-possible before he joined Unnati.

Suresh was born in a small town near Hoskote. He has an elder brother. His father is a farmer and mother a home maker. Before Suresh’s elder brother found a job to support the family, the monthly income of the family was hardly Rs. 5000, and that too was not steady, since the income depended upon the crop yield.

The economic condition of the family, however, did not deter Suresh’s educational pursuits. He was interested in studying, and finished schooling from his hometown. He pursued his B. Com. Degree in Bangalore and understands that his education was even made possible only because his elder brother found a job which paid enough to sustain the family’s needs.

Once Suresh completed his degree, the lack of job opportunities for freshers hit him. While he was browsing channels one afternoon, he saw a program on Unnati in a segment called ‘Job Junction’ on a local TV channel. That was the spark he needed to transform his life.
He immediately approached Unnati & joined the 31st batch, specializing in the Retail & Marketing vocation.

Suresh appreciates the value education that Unnati imparts, and the holistic development that is focussed on. The following three topics were what he enjoyed learning the most (he had a whole list of them, and when asked to prioritize, these three emerged at the top).
· Life skill training – especially around time management & assuming responsibility
· Training that boosted self confidence
· Lessons on achieving goals & money management.

He mentions that the three above things he learnt from Unnati are helping him tremendously in his career and personal space as well.

Once the course at Unnati was completed, Suresh got a campus placement at Avante restaurant as a shift manager. His opening salary was a significant Rs.10000 per month. He worked there for around 2-3 months.

He then got a dream BPO job at First Advantage BPO. He specialized in background verification tasks, which needed a lot of trustworthiness and discrete communication, and the Unnati lessons came in handy for Suresh there. At the BPO, he worked both day and night shifts.

Once, when Suresh was travelling to his hometown on a short holiday, he saw a hoarding that Amazon Logistics (part of Amazon setting up operations in India) was opening very near his village.Though he loved his BPO job, the fact that he could be at home with his family, attracted him to the potential job opportunity at Amazon.

With such a clean track record, Amazon was more than glad to hire Suresh. He started off as a trainee & because of his educational background and the demonstration of
talent, Amazon was quick to elevate him to a Team lead position. Amazon offers Suresh a monthly salary of Rs. 15000 today, and it is only bound to increase soon. His brother also has a good job that pays him Rs. 25000 a month. Together, the brothers have brought the family out of poverty.

Suresh is very happy that he has been given a team lead role. He is a proud leader. He thinks he was elevated quickly because he is adept with MS Office & Outlook.
Suresh owes all his successes to Unnati and says his communication has improved multi-fold today, all thanks to Unnati.

In fact, he did mention that he will check if Amazon logistics needs more people. This could well be an opportunity for many more students graduating from Unnati.

Very happy for you, Suresh! Team Unnati looks up to people like you! Congratulations on your achievements and wishing you many more such successes in future.


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