Farid Darraji



Unnati Bangalore’s name has reached all the corners of the globe. First of its kind, a German student is doing his internship here at Unnati. Farid Darragi, a bachelor student of Cultural Science at the European University Viadrina in Frankfurt Oder, Germany is in Bangalore. The alignment of his study is interdisciplinary and international. He had worked for ten years as an assistant director and casting agent for different films and television productions in Germany.
“I like your country very much and I am very glad that I could do my internship at Unnati. I am delighted that I am a part of Unnati. I want to thank the students who interacted with me and had a great time together. I appreciate this programme which changes the future of the students. Education never stops, it should continue to learn and keep the spirit of Unnati always in your mind,” said Farid.
Farid’s commitment towards the internship has now left other students of Unnati to wonder. He has also made a film on Unnati which will be released shortly.
City plus published an article about Farid




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