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2nd Batch -Retail

“We are responsible for what we are, and whatever we wish ourselves to be, we have the power to make ourselves.”- Swami Vivekananda.

The story of Shailesh is that of a boy who was working as laborer, who was worried and wondering if this was what he was going to do his entire life. student from the 2nd batch. Shailesh could not study beyond 8th Standard, and  his family was not able to afford further education. He is  from a slum near sabarmathi His father was an alchoalic and the family of 5 was dependent on his mother’s earnings who worked as maid. He could not see his mother alone struggling so much to feed the family. Shailesh was desperate for a break but was totally clueless as to where he was going to get it.

One day he happened to hear about unnati’s program through his friend. ,He immediately approached  and enrolled in the 2nd batch, under the retail stream. His life took a complete turn then on. He secured a job with National Handloom. Its really wonderful when he speaks in English language that was alien to him just a few months ago.

Shailesh is a confident young man today, ready to take on the world. He continues with National handloom as a sales executive. He looks back at Unnati with immense gratitude and mentions how Unnati helped shape his future and gave life to his dreams. Shailesh grabbed the opportunity when it came across frame of mind today is such that he is also able to pursue his studies.

Today he is happy that his mother no need to work hard any more, and he wants to help his sisters pursue higher studies.



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