Ramesh Aravind becomes the ambassador of Unnati







Date:           27th July 2013

Venue:       Unnati Centre, No.1, Temple road, Sadananda nagar, NGEF Layout, Bangalore – 560038

SGBS Trust-Unnati had organized a press meet to announce and celebrate the acceptance of Shri Ramesh Aravind as our brand ambassador and to announce “UTSAV 2013″- a cultural extravaganza, starting on the 10th of August. We are extremely happy that Shri Ramesh Aravind, who has carved niche for himself in the field of acting, direction, production as well as writing and  a multi faceted personality, is our brand ambassador.

The speech of Shri Ramesh Aravind amply conveyed his connect with the youth, with the issues facing this country and the underprivileged. The way he articulated the problems of the youth and the need to put in hard work, was extremely refreshing. He conveyed with clarity as to how Unnati serves as a bridge for many less educated underprivileged youth to realize their goals and reach greater heights. His usage of this beautiful phrase “accumulated advantage for some of the people who come with lot of support systems in terms of money, education, background, family  versus accumulated disadvantage of the underprivileged, who don’t have any of these, showed his understanding of the ground reality and emphasized how a program like “UNNATI” could bring about a change and empower them.

To highlight how short a span is 70 days for anyone to get trained for transforming his life, he went on say that he would gladly give 5 years of his time to anyone who promised to take him to greater heights. He was extremely appreciative of the curriculum and the structured manner in which Unnati conducts classes.

The highlights of his speech in his words are as follows:

1. The only wings one needs to fly are Life skills, Values, Spoken English and Computers, which Unnati already provides. All that is needed is to decide to fly.

2. Minds of youth are very active and require something to chew on. Equipped with the right tools, they shape their destiny. With the wrong tools, they can end up as criminals.

3. All that is required is sharpening of the mind, which is like a saw that cuts a tree. If not sharpened it would take 8 hours to cut, where as if sharpened it could do the same job in 2 hours. Unnati helps in grooming the youth to take on the challenges of life.

4. Unnati is like an “IIM for the poor”. I stand guarantee to transform the lives of the youth through  Unnati in 70 days. I will spread this word on every platform, village that I can and encourage the youth to join Unnati.

Mr. Ramesh Swamy, Lead Trustee, Unnati thanked Shri Ramesh Aravind for having accepted invitation of the Trust to be the brand ambassador. He went onto to explain the importance of this cultural festival, where in the best of artists in the country perform and the programs are open to the public free. Some of the leading artists like Shri U. Shrinivas, Shri P. Unni Krishnan, Shri Ronu Mazundar, Smt Sudha Raghunathan, Shri T.M. Krishna, Shri Sanjay Subramaniam are participating in the series starting on 10th of August.

He said “These programs help us connect with a lot of people from various walks of life. Over 2000 people participate during this festival and help spread the work of Unnati. It also generates funds as lot of these people sponsor youth for training, contribute for food for the poor youth and also help through funds from their companies and through CSR programs”.

He added that “the media can easily reach out to a lot of people and help the underprivileged youth connect with Unnati and transform their lives permanently. The media has to highlight the fact that “A generation can go above poverty line in just 70 days forever… through Unnati”.

The Hindu ,City Plus Times of India ,Vijaya Karnataka ,Prajavani 


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