A steady rise from simple beginnings


Sreekanth Reddy – 29th Batch – 97414-49458


Once you start working on something, don’t be afraid of failure and don’t abandon it. People who work sincerely are the happiest.’, said Chanakya.


Sreekanth Reddy is a man with very simple beginnings. He comes from  Kolar district, and both his parents are farmers. Sreekanth has an elder brother, and even until two years back, the family income was less than Rs. 7000 a month.

Sreekanth’s parents, in spite of their meagre income, made sure that the brothers had access to basic education. Both the brothers joined a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce. It was during Sreekanth’s graduation that a friend of his  introduced him to Unnati. Considering that his area was very rural, and realizing that there wasn’t too much of a bright future for him to help satisfy his ambition of bettering his family’s lifestyle, Sreekanth decided to pursue a course at Unnati.

While at Unnati, Sreekanth pursued the BPO vocation. Unnati helped him understand the following three basic tenets that he follows even today:

·        Punctuality is the key to success

·        Communication gives one confidence

·        Self-discipline and its importance in one’s growth.

Once Sreekanth completed his course at Unnati, he was placed at Allsec Technologies, a Bangalore-based BPO. He started with a monthly salary of Rs. 7900, which was higher than his entire family’s income. At this happy juncture, Sreekanth’s family received a setback in the form of his elder brother’s health. His health demanded so much attention that Sreekanth had to quit his job and go back to Kolar to be with his family and take care of the situation.

Times like these are what make stronger people!

Once the situation at home was taken care of, Sreekanth returned to Bangalore in search of another job. This time, he interviewed for Accounts jobs at the IT majors. The confidence in communication that he obtained from Unnati helped him find a job very quickly. Sreekanth now works with Hewlett-Packard as a direct employee (and he takes pride in mentioning that he is not a contract employee for HP! As a Process Associate, his annual salary is now RS 1.75L.

Sreekanth is also pursuing his masters in Commerce with the Mysore University, and wants to rise in the ranks at the accounts departments of IT & ITES majors!

Reach for the stars, Sreekanth! Team Unnati is very happy for you, and wishes you all the very best!!


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