Newsletter July 2013

Unnati’s story is an open book which most of you are familiar with. Sincerity, Commitment, Openness, Transparency and Trust, (SCOTT) are the pillars on which Unnati has built its foundation, growing to reach new heights by the day.

Unnati started its efforts a few years ago with a dream of empowering 1 million youth by creating 300 Unnati Centers all over the country. Our journey over these years has been a mixed bag of emotions and excitement, overpowering the temporary set backs we faced during this period. Our mission of “Youth Empowerment” starts with identifying eligible youth, provide them the best training in their selected vocation, instilling confidence and moral values in them to face the world more confidently and finally provide them the right placement. Every batch of students’ that pass out of Unnati, bring a big smile on our faces. Their ambitions stir an emotion in our hearts, brings tears of joy in our eyes. Simply put… just seeing them take flight gives us a sense of immense satisfaction and fulfillment. All this was possible only with the unconditional support of all of you, our donors and well wishers.



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