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Benevolence at its best!

Dinesh 32nd BatchDinesh – 32nd Batch

‘Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country’ – JFK.  


Dinesh is the only child to his parents, and lost his father early. He lives with his mother in Chennai, and as can be obvious, his mother was the sole bread-winner before Dinesh joined Unnati. Dinesh’s family income was Rs. 8000 a month.

Dinesh was pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Psychology (B. Sc. Psychology) when his mother’s friend mentioned Unnati to them. Dinesh took a break from his degree & came to Unnati’s Bangalore centre to take up the course, a pattern that we’re now seeing in students that we speak to.


At Unnati, Dinesh chose the BPO vocation. He hails his teachers at Unnati, and says they have transformed his life in 70 days. The way the teachers handled the students & the life skills lessons they taught are exceptional, in his opinion. The three biggest things Dinesh learnt at Unnati are


a. How to help others and in turn, help oneself


b. Basic ethics, being a true Indian.


c. How to behave at work.


On the 70th day of joining Unnati, he got a job in Bangalore which offered him Rs. 8000 a month, the amount his mother was earning after many years of toiling! It was a sales job, and Dinesh worked for a month before he had to return to Chennai to complete his graduation.


Once he completed his graduation, Dinesh was placed at Sutherland Technologies, a leading BPO centre in Chennai. His current take-home is Rs. 1.44lakhs a year.


Dinesh comes across as a person very clear in communication. He fluently & flawlessly communicates in both English & Tamil. It is evident that he will go a long way in his current job, given his quality of communication. This again, he attributes to Unnati and mentions that Unnati’s training in Spoken English has helped him scale up to international expectations. His current job involves talking to customers across the world and determining their technical issues.


When asked about what message he would like to convey, he had these inspiring lines to say: “Unnati helps under-privileged youth and transforms their lives. Each of us (students) should spread the good word. Each student can spend 15 minutes of their time in spreading awareness about Unnati, thus cutting down on Unnati’s advertising costs. Unnati has helped you. You should see how you can help Unnati. I am spreading awareness about the Chennai centre to all my friends. Some of them have promised to join soon. In my opinion, each student must sponsor a student. They can afford it (and help) with the kind of money they get!”


To add to this, Dinesh’s mother called Mr. Ramesh Swamy saying that Dinesh has been doing well and insisting that they contribute to Unnati. She actually called to enquire how they should send the money – through money order or cheque, and to which address!


We are truly touched by the benevolence & nobility of this wonderful family! We wish Dinesh all success, and pray that Unnati is blessed with more students like him!




Contribution by Sukanya Kuppuswamy ( volunteer )

Team Unnati

2 thoughts on “Benevolence at its best!

  1. I remember this boy who had a lot of trouble adjusting. He needed a lot of hand holding. Like I always say “This happens only in Unnati”!!!!

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