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Asha – 25th Batch – 97417-57103

Oscar Wilde said, ‘Our ambition should be to rule ourselves, the true kingdom for each one of us; and true progress is to know more, be more, and to do more’.

This is the story of Asha, who hails from a family of 5 members, based at Chintamani near Bangalore. Asha is the eldest of the children. With a teacher for a mother, Asha was pursuing her Bachelors in Business Management.

Asha read about Unnati from flyers and advertisements in her neighbourhood, and also from a few neighbours who had attended the course.That is how she came to Unnati & took up the Retail stream.

While at Unnati, Asha’s favourite subject was Spoken English. She says Unnati groomed her personality thoroughly. She was well-moulded to face the world. The basic knowledge of computers and the lessons on how to talk to people helped her with the job offered to her through Unnati.

After completing the course at Unnati, Asha’s first job was as a Sales Executive at Garuda Mall. This job paid her Rs. 96000 annually, and she also got incentives. After one-and-a-half years at Garuda Mall, she was offered another job at Inorbit. She has now grown to be an Assistant Manager in Inorbit with a 100% pay hike. Asha is now in-charge of floor maintenance, billing and mail correspondence at Inorbit, and is paid Rs. 1.8Lakhs annually and also gets other incentives based on performance.

Asha’s family has more reasons to be happy. Asha’s pursuit of her ambitions and the success has inspired her sister also to join Unnati. Her sister works at a retail outlet (Lavie) after completing the course at Unnati, and she earns around Rs. 1.6Lakhs a year.

The progress that Unnati has created in Asha’s family is immeasurable! The siblings now earn a monthly income of around Rs. 30000 together, which has improved the social stratum of that family.

Asha says she cannot imagine a life without Unnati. She says that if she had not joined Unnati, she would have been married to someone with no life of her own! Like all the other successful Unnatians that we meet, Asha is very happy & proud to be a part of Unnati.

Team Unnati

Contribution by Sukanya Kuppuswamy ( volunteer )


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