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Reaching for the stars

      There is a famous saying –*‘Shoot for the moon; even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars’*
      Prasanna Prince epitomizes this saying. Prasanna hails from a family of  four in a village off Nelamangala. His father is a farmer, mother a home-maker and he is the eldest of two sons. His father, the only bread-winner, was earning a very meagre income of Rs. 20000 per annum. As if this misery was not enough, his father met with an accident two years back where his leg had to be amputated. Prasanna completed his graduation  under such dire circumstances. He desperately needed a job to support his family.
      It was at this time that Prasanna met his friend Sashidhar, who was also his neighbour.. Prasanna says that he was taken aback by the change in Sashidhar’s persona. Sashidhar had improved so much as an individual. When asked for the reason behind the transformation, Sashi mentioned about Unnati. Sashidhar actually belonged to the 20th batch. Prasanna lost no time and immediately joined Unnati.
      At Unnati, Prasanna studied the BPO specialization course. He says punctuality and personality development are the two top values he takes with him from Unnati. Prasanna says his attitude towards life has improved tremendously after training at Unnati.
      While most of his batch-mates stayed at the Unnati-provided accommodation, Prasanna travelled back and forth everyday heeding to his mother’s request. He says he would leave home at 6am every day and return at midnight, getting only 3-4 hours of sleep a day. Such hard work never goes unrewarded.
      Prasanna’s first job was at I-Data in Basavangudi. He worked there for around 6 months as a fresher with Rs. 6000 per month as his salary. This was 3 years ago. He then found employment as an Assistant at a manufacturing company in Magadi. He was paid 8000 a month. He says the lessons on ‘how to talk to people’ and the typewriting classes at Unnati helped him grow quickly to a Stores Executive at the same company with a 50% hike in salary. He got Rs. 1.4Lakhs per annum.
      Prasanna wanted to share a quick note on typewriting sessions at Unnati. At first, he could not even type more than 30 words per minute. He was not greatly interested in that subject, but took it up as a playful challenge to beat the topper in class. When he finished the course, he could type 58 words per minute with over 98% accuracy – one of the best speeds! His word to everyone – Do not ignore any subject. You never know which one will help you!
      Today, Prasanna is the proud co-owner of “Venkateswara Digital Flex Print” in the industrial area of Nelamangala. He started this business venture 5-6 months back. He hesitates to discuss his turnover, which is the mark of a new entrepreneur! What he did share was that he has employed a couple of people, and pays around Rs. 10000 a month as salary for the employee. He hints that his revenue has peaked to Rs. 1,00,000 a certain month. But as with any other business, competition has already begun & sustenance is the key.
      Prasanna is very positive about his business growth. He is at a loss for words when asked to speak about Unnati. He says he is extremely proud to be an ‘Unnati-an’. We are also very proud of students like Prasanna, whose goals and growth have been stupendous!
      Team Unnati
      Contribution by Sukanya Kuppuswamy ( volunteer )

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