Contentment ushers in more happiness

Sandeep Dawale

Sandeep Dawale – 17th Batch – 91-96048-66429

‘Health is the greatest gift; Contentment the greatest wealth…’, said Lord Buddha.

SandeepDawale is a native of Bidar district. Life was not easy in his family of 5, whose monthly income was around Rs. 5000/-. His elder brother was the family’s sole bread winner. Sandeep is a science graduate in chemistry. His native and family situation did not offer him any scope to begin a living.
Sandeep’s friend Venkatesh from the 16th batch, who was also from Bidar, informed Sandeep about Unnati and how it transformed his life. That was how Sandeep came to know of Unnati. Being an aspirent, he wasted no time in joining Unnati’s 17th batch from December 2009 to February 2010.

At Unnati, Sandeep’s major was the BPO course. When I started asking him to explain about what he learnt at Unnati, he said it was a feeling, an emotion that could not be explained in mere words. Like all other Unnatians that we speak to, Sandeep owes it all to Unnati!

He says that punctuality, honesty, and assessing the immediate environment (in terms of people & personalities) are three important things that he learnt from Unnati. He says he got immense confidence in facing hierarchically senior people, and in public speaking, thanks to the Group Discussion sessions that were a part of his course at Unnati.

Sandeep’s first job was at Omega in Bangalore with a CTC of Rs. 72000/- per year. He worked there for 2 years and then found his current job, which is at an IT / IT Services major, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

Sandeep is presently working for the TCS-BPO at Pune since early 2012. His job involves analysis and data entry for an Indian industry major, and he has to work as part of a large team. He is more than sure that had he not joined Unnati, he would have never gotten this job.

Sandeep now earns as high as Rs. 1.4L per annum, which is a 100% increase over his previous pay & a 200% increase in his family income. He is very happy about having received accolades for his good work from really senior managers in his division.

I asked Sandeep what he would say about Unnati to others. His answer to that was very clear – he did not even have to think. With no hesitation, he said, “Unnati is the right path to poor people like me. I cannot imagine a life without Unnati. Unnati has given me more than what I ever intended to achieve in my life”.
He has recommended two other students to the 18th batch, and they are also successful today.

True to Buddha’s saying, Sandeep’s contentment is his most secure asset. Unnati is very happy and proud of Sandeep, and wishes him more success in life! We wish to be a part of more such ripple effects of transformation.

Team Unnati
Contribution by Sukanya Kuppuswamy ( volunteer )


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