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Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal


Anand – 17thBatch – Site manager – 94806-56674

“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal” – Henry Ford.

This is the success story of one such relentless student from the 17th batch – Anand. Anand could not study beyond middle school. He studied in a Kannada medium, and his family was not able to afford further education.

Anand was doing multiple odd-jobs and also learnt driving to pursue a profession as a cab driver. It was around that time that Anand learnt of Unnati  through a friend.When Anand joined Unnati, he was not sure of what specialty course to choose, and was suggested Driving as a speciality function.The communication, Spoken English & Life Sciences courses at Unnati are the ones that Anand speaks very highly of. Anand says that before joining Unnati, he was not even aware that the English alphabet had 26 letters. He only spoke Kannada & could manage with minimal Hindi.

Unnati, in Anand’s words, has given him tremendous self-respect and confidence. After completing the course, Anand’s first job was with Toyota Kirloskar in Bangalore. He worked there for 8 months and moved on to take a bigger role in a logistics company in Chennai.

Anand worked for around 18 months in Chennai and then decided he had to pursue his vision of working at Bangalore. He applied for a few openings, and found a job at a Ceramics company, based in Bommanahalli. The confidence that Unnati gave Anand helped him find his new job, which is turning out to be a dream run now.At the interview  Anand told the interviewer to decide on his salary after validating the quality of throughput from Anand! Now, it takes a lot of self-belief for one to say such things!!

In the new company, Anand grew from being a salesman to a warehouse coordinator  and now  a Manager! All this in less than a year. Anand says this success is because he is ‘blessed’ by the Unnati gurus! In his office of 58 people, he has seen the fastest growth! He started with Rs. 7000 a month, and now earns around Rs. 13000 a month.He says his salary is not on the higher side, but  he is sticking onto the company since they helped him initially and guided his career path.  So much for the values that Unnati instils in the students. Anand now knows and fluently converses in 6 languages.

Anand today  wants to give back to Unnati in a unique way – he says he will influence the placement of a few of the present Unnati students in his organization!

Thank you, Anand. Team Unnati is very happy about your accomplishments!

Team Unnati

Contribution by Sukanya Kuppuswamy ( volunteer )


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