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Volume 3: May – July 2012 | http://www.unnatiblr.org


Gururbrahma, Gururvishnu, Gururdevo Maheswaraha
Gurursaakshaat parabrahma.. Tasmaisree Guravenamaha..
The word Guru comes from Sanskrit and its root words are gu, meaning darkness, and ru is to dispel. Simply put, a guru is a person who can help us lead our way to success and enlightenment through the path of knowledge, wisdom and conscience.
This quarter starts with the sacred ‘Gurupurnima’ festival which makes the right occasion to extend our gratitude to the teachers. SGBS Trust takes this opportunity to extend a warm thanks and respectful regards to all the teachers and the volunteering faculty of the past and present. We would like to wish you all happiness, success, health and a wonderful life ahead.
‘Unnati’ fondly cherishes their selfless contribution and unconditional dedication towards the students and their continued support to the growth of the centres. Students are not what they are without their teachers (gurus). The success of the students and the centres is a direct reflection of the contribution of our esteemed trainers and volunteering faculty.
Sri Gurubhyom Namaha…

“ I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.” – Billy Joel

Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.
Art, music and dance stand as epitomes of a country’s culture and heritage. Indian music with its wide range and variety transcends all kinds of barrier and unites everyone through its universal language. Music is truly divine, enchanting and ethereal. It just removes the physical and mental blocks in human beings, spreads a universal message of love, peace and happiness bringing in a better consciousness, harmony and tranquility to the society. It is an expressive language of culture that tells a story, expresses ideas and offers opinions and shares emotions of life’s experiences. Music ties generations together.
SGBS trust as always, has organized a three week long cultural extravaganza that comprises of classical music concerts, discourses and devotional music. This unique festival of music, art and culture aptly named as “Utsav” starts from the 4th of August to commemorate ‘Gokulashtami’ celebrations too. This festival will earmark yet another milestone in the trust’s continuous journey of culture and heritage with an underlying aim to bring all the likeminded people together, channelize their strengths and energies for the betterment of the society.

The 8th reincarnation of Lord Vishnu, Lord Sri Krishna is not just a divine entity but a whole consciousness. The avatar of Krishna comes across as a person who is tremendously in love with life, with the poetry, music and dance of life. Krishna and music are inseparable as he always mesmerized people with his mellifluous music. His music always depicted his zest for life, happiness and satisfaction. Hence a music festival is an appropriate way to celebrate Lord Sri Krishna’s birthday, the ‘Gokulashtami’.
The Year 2012 is also a very special year for every musician and rasika in the annals of Carnatic Music. It is the Centenary Year of Four Legends,whose music has illumined and touched every heart for decades, so much so that even today their music stands tall and shines above all.Each of them is an institution by themselves, be it the incredible wizard of Mridangam, Palghat Sri T.S.Mani Iyer, or the epitome of sweet, soul stirring music, Madurai Sri Mani Iyer, or the queen of vibrant classicism, Smt. T.Brinda or the charismatic doctor who is a living creative musical genius, Dr. Sripada Pinakapani. These maestros are trailblazers who created their individual banis or styles and have left an immeasurable treasure for posterity through their music and their disciples.
We look forward to an exciting Utsav 2012, with a whole hearted participation from all of you. It is always a treat to see the hall brimming with rasikas.

“Culture is the process by which a person becomes all that they were created capable of being. ” – Thomas Carlyle

Events at UNNATI:
On 21st June, a debate was conducted on the following topics to create awareness.
1. Does switching jobs help your career grow?
2. Do you prefer to Spend or save?
3. What would you choose – Living independently or in a group ?
4. Will you quit the job if you are not comfortable?

2. Youth Leadership Program : Youth leadership’ programme was conducted on 7th June 2012 by Rotary club at Unnati Center for the benefit of students.
3. Senior Retailers Program : Mr. Ranga, Mr. Praveen, Ms. Priyadarashini and Mr. Raghuram of Unnati were deputed to attend the 3 day Senior Retailers course (7th -9th June 2012) conducted by Forum International – Germany at Bangalore.
4. Eye and Dental Checkup : A free Eye camp & Dental check-up was conducted for the 33rd batch on 17th June 2012. The free eye check-up camp was conducted by Vasan eye care for Opthalmology. The free Dental check up was done by Dr. Koushick and his team of “Dental Solutions “.

Unnati Delhi and Chennai centers were opened during this period they are functioning under the direct supervision of Unnati Bangalore.
The 34th batch has just commenced (07/07/2012) the batch consists of 137 students, spread across Data Entry 39, Retails Sales 33, Instore 25, Guest Care Office 20, Guest Care Hotel 20.

“ “If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician. I often think in music. I live my daydreams in music. I see my life in terms of music. … I get most joy in life out of music. ” – Albert Einstein

Placement Record
The successful track record of placing the students in excellent organizations continues. All the students of the 26th batch are placed with much higher salary structures compared to the previous batches. Many of them have been given accommodation and food which helps them in saving more money to help their families. The salary range has been over 5500 to 8500. A big thanks to the firms, sponsors, volunteers and coordinators..
The students of the 32nd batch had an excellent time during their placements and are now proud employees of Aegis (16), Abhinav Systech (2), Mahalakshmi (1), Tam (1), Carewel (15), Au bon pain (17), Chai Point (12), Private (19 ).
The students of the 33rd batch left Unnati smarter than when they joined and were placed in companies such as TCS(4), Life style (17), Croma (13), Aegis(5), Cuppa beverages (4), Kaatizone (4), Abhinav systech (2), Toms (1) TTIC (2), First source (1), St. Mark’s hotel (1), Hanuman Hill Rock Restaurant –(1), Private- (20)
Numbers in the parenthesis indicate number of people employed in a particular organization.

” Music expresses that which can not be said and on which it is impossible to be silent ” – Victor Hugo

Teacher/Volunteer’s Corner
Ms. Meenakshi Gairola

Meenakshi was involved as an Outreach program manager at Unnati taking care of identifying students for the course, networking with various NGO’s and making proposal for fund raising and awards
She added a lot of value to Unnati’s work and we are proud to say that because of her, Unnati’s activities got publicized in several news papers and NGO’s
She had to leave Unnati as she had to join her husband at Manila.

“ Music has a power of forming the character, and should therefore be introduced into the education of the young. ” – Aristotle

Know Your Team
Mr. Venkatesh who has been associated with Unnati shares his feelings….

Mr.Venkatesh: “The emotional bonding and experiences I have had with UNNATI is difficult to be expressed! How would you explain a feeling when a student tells you that he picked up a lesson for his life or when he says the experience in UNNATI has thoroughly transformed. Pretty difficult to explain.
“The emotional bonding and experiences I have had with UNNATI is difficult to be expressed! How would you explain a feeling when a student tells you that he picked up a lesson for his life or when he says the experience in UNNATI has thoroughly transformed. Pretty difficult to explain.
When Vivekananda was asked to explain GOD, his quip was GOD has to be experienced. It is something similar to that. Education, especially, in the current context is available in plenty. The big questions, however, are for whom? and how?
Education is available for ONLY the moneyed! Somebody mentioned in an interview that all literates have taken up teaching and all illiterates have taken up running educational institutions. UNNATI stands out in that crowded segment. Another thing which separates UNNATI from hosts of Institutions in the fraternity is the character building it delivers while imparting education.
From the times of running the classes at a house in Indiranagar, in a 10X14 class room i upstairs , with a staircase that can let only a pair to climb at a time, with two cramped rooms struggling to accommodate close to 40 students and with most of the space occupied by tailoring machines etc – to the current level with a state of the art facility to hold hundreds of students, it has been a long journey with rapid speed. I feel proud to have been associated from those humble beginnings to the level it has grown today.
At times, entering a Foodworld or a “Coffee day” outlet with meeting of an alumni of UNNATI and a sense of pride that the person has, emotionally acknowledging the contribution UNNATI has done to their life, do you think that this can be described by words? No, it cannot!!!
UNNATI and its concept is going to a lot of places,, and I will not be surprised it goes crossing boundaries. I salute th Organization and feel proud to be a part of it.

” Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything. ” – Plato

Students speak

Name : Pooja
Age : 19
Course : Store
Batch : 34th Batch
Educational Qualification : 10th & Tally
Pooja is from a poor family from cv Ramannagar, a a small town nearBangalore. Her father is a farmer, mother is home maker and her sister is a student. She was working as a junior designer in an Animation Company in Hyderabad. She was promised to be sent to Bombay to resume her job as animator. Due to her carelessness she missed her train and did not report to the job on time, so she lost her job. This tag continued to haunt her as she was unable to secure another job though she attended more than 30 interviews. She was very much dejected. Around the same time she met one of our old students who advised her to join Unnati. Her at Unnati its been a time for introspection for Pooja . As we progress with our life skill sessions, like punctuality, responsibility dress and hygiene, goal setting, positive first impression etd. She understands and realizes the mistakes she made during her erstwhile career. Professional life is not all about the work skills or technical skills we might have in plenty, but it is the right work ethics and culture that actually give you a shot at success, is Pooja’s takaway from Unnati. Pooja aspires to make a name for himself in the world of animation and she feels that Unnati is the much needed professional stepping stone in her life.

Name : Kartik N
Age : 20
Course : Guest Care
Batch : 34th Batch
Educational Qualification : P.U.C

I have completed my P.U.C. I have lost hope in my life. My father has faced a big loss in the business. I wanted to study further but due to mental stress and financial problem I was not able to do that. It was bothering me a lot. One day I saw Unnati ad in Jaya TV. I was very happy after seeing this ad. Now I am very confident and I learn communication. It is a lovely experience. I am sure that I will earn all the money back which ever my father has lost. I want to be in a top position. I would like to thank Unnati for sharing such a Lovely experience.

” Music isn’t just learning notes and playing them, You learn notes to play to the music of your soul. “. – Katie Greenwood

33rd Batch Valediction snaps & Videos:

The Valediction of the 33rd batch was arranged on 30/06/2012 and certificates were distributed to the students. It was a moment of great satisfaction when the entire batch got placed in a record of 2 days . The students spoke about their experiences at Unnati and performed skits to showcase their skills. The entire Valedictory function was organized by the students. The various functions like anchoring, welcome address and vote of thanks were performed by the students with great zeal and enthusiasm.

” After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music. ” – Aldous Huxley


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