Unnati at the Rockfeller Quest

Mr.Ramesh Swamy was in Kenya for an inspiring Quest (leadership programme) with the Rockefeller Foundation, 26 – 30 March 2012. The Quest comprised of four days spent in and around Nairobi focusing on the Poverty Reduction through Information and Digital Employment (PRIDE) initiative and related issues of systemic change and leadership.

The Leaders Quest team visited a range of organisations – social enterprises, rural communities, businesses/employers (from mobile telephony to software companies to banks and retailers), and several Rockefeller Foundation impact sourcing grantees.The Team explored questions around impact sourcing, the system in which it operates and thier potential as leaders.
Participants were grant makers, impact investors, policy makers, entrepreneurs, corporate executives and civil society leaders who are deeply engaged and thoughtful about international development.The list of the eminent  participants are as follows

Nigel  Chief Innovation Officer at the Carbon Disclosure Project (www.cdproject.net).

Julie  Global head of the Macquarie Group Foundation .

Mark is an independent consultant specialising in finance in developing countries,clients include World bank .

Robin Bernstein President and CEO   Educational Alliance .

Geoff heads SustainAbility’s leadership team .

Mwangi Kimenyi Senior Fellow and Director of the Africa Growth initiative at the Brooking Institution.

Yuebing  Deputy President and Chief Investment Officer of China Jianyin Investment Limited.

Kilachand is the co-founder & CEO of World BPO/ITO Forum.

Andrew Barnett Director of the UK Branch of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Dr. Eric G. Bing is the Senior Fellow and Director of Global Health at the George .W. Bush Institute

Chad leads an Impact and Innovation team at Tides.

Jade has been a Programme Coordinator at Leaders’ Quest

RameshSwamy  is the Lead Trustee of SGBS Trust and is the CEO of the Swamy group of companies.

Ellen Taus n the CFO and Treasurer of The Rockefeller Foundation.

Osama Manzar is a convert social entrepreneur spearheading the mission to overcome the information barrier between India’s rural sector, and the so-called developed society, through Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) .

Zia Khan   Vice President forStrategy and Evaluation  Rockefeller Foundation

Sharath is the Founder & CEO of STIR Education.

Rowan Belchersy Leaders’ Quest.

Murali Vullaganti Chief Architect, Co-Founder and CEO of RuralShores.


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