Being an entrepreneur, and giving back to the native land

*Chandu Biradar – 17th batch – 77956-86879 – Self-employed at Bidar
Thomas Jefferson once said, “*Honesty is the first chapter of the book wisdom*”.
Honesty is the biggest virtue that Chandu Biradar, a retail student from the 17th batch, says he has learnt from Unnati.

Chandu is from Bidar district in Karnataka, and is one of the four children in his family. His father runs a small hotel in Humnabad town.Chandu had no income when his acquaintances in his neighbourhood mentioned Unnati.Chandu came to Bangalore and took up the retail specialization training at Unnati. Like the many other students that have graduated from Unnati,Chandu also mentions that Unnati has helped shape up his overall persona and career.

Being from a small town,Chandus confidence in conversing with people was low since he could not communicate well in English. He says Unnati taught him the language and helped build his confidence that he can now converse for 20 – 30 minutes in English, and understands the “big” words that people use in English conversations.With all the confidence that Unnati gave him, Chandu took a very unusual decision after graduation. He listened to his parents’ call for him to get back home. He went back to Bidar and started a hotel on his own.Chandu’s hotel is different from his father’s. He had to struggle to make ends meet initially. Now, he earns a profit of around Rs. 6000/- a month.He says he is very happy, and his knowledge of English helps him attract tourists to his hotel. Chandu reiterates that honesty is a prime virtue when you run your business, and how he can inspire his staff also to be honest.

Chandu wishes with all his heart that the people who run Unnati should live for a hundred years so that they brighten so many more lives such as his.He says there are around 20 Unnati-trained students from his neighbourhood,and all of them are doing very well.

Chandu’s one-and-a-half year old niece is named ‘Unnati’! We are truly touched. We wish Chandu Biradar very well in all that he does.

Team Unnati
Contribution by Sukanya Kuppuswamy ( volunteer )


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