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Punctuality: The stepping stone to Prosperity

  “If we cultivate the habit of punctuality and acting according to programme, the index of national efficiency will go up, our advance towards our goal will be repaid, and the workers will be healthier and longer lived” – Mahatma Gandhi said this in one of his lessons on punctuality.

Anand, a student from the 4th batch of Unnati students, vouches that punctuality is the most important virtue he learnt from Unnati.

Anand had completed his second PU, and was at crossroads wondering what career to pursue, when he discovered Unnati through a newsletter. He lives in the Banaswadi area, and belonged to a family where the monthly income was around Rs. 5000.

Anand says he is very thankful that he discovered Unnati and it has been a life-changing event for him. He has learnt the importance of virtues like being disciplined, respecting others, helping others, treating elders with reverence etc. at Unnati.  He was also taught basic computer education and retailing.

Anand is now a proud graphics designer. He is an entrepreneur, and operates out of home. There is sincere gratitude in his voice when he mentioned that every one of the virtues that he was introduced to at Unnati is helping him shape up his career very nicely. He says it is important to handle customers with respect, it is extremely important that he be punctual with his work, and also to be disciplined enough in order to invest his income safely.
Anand is very fluent in communication, and has great clarity in thought. He mentions that he works on ten to fifteen orders in a month, and works on designing visiting cards, company logos, vinyl boards. Anand is now able to earn around three times of what used to be his total family’s monthly income. He says he is able to get anywhere between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 15,000 every month.

Anand has also influenced a couple of his friends to benefit from Unnati, and they were a part of the 6th batch.

Team Unnati is proud of Anand, and wishes him more successes in life!

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