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I am working towards my dream of becoming a police officer – Jayaraj

“If you cannot find the brighter side of life—Then polish the darker side! Adjustment of attitude is the only instrument to live a life! “

Jayaraj , a student  of the 20th batch of Unnati found that adjustment of attitude only holds the key to a bright future.

The course at Unnati helped him look at life in a new perspective, which was different from the way he looked at it. Jayaraj could not complete his BA due to financial constraints and was completely direction less. He was confused and nurtured deep fears about his future and life ahead. His friend Santhosh , a technician  who handles the sound systems at Unnati during our cultural events, introduced him to Unnati. There was no looking back for Jayaraj from there on.

Today Jayaraj stands tall as a person with a positive attitude towards life and a ‘Never Say Die’ spirit. He attributes this new found confidence and attitude to Unnati and its training. After completing his training at Unnati, he was placed with Primus , where he worked for over 1 and ½ years. He started believing that it is good to dream and work towards achieving it. He dreams of being a police officer and is now working as a driver. We were a bit taken aback on hearing this but were pleasantly surprised and proud of him because of the reason he gave us that “as a driver he finds time to study and prepare for the exam he has to write to join the police dept”.

We strongly feel that in a small way we have played a very important role in giving Jayaraj the inner strength to go and make his dreams a reality and that nothing can stop a person who is focused.

We appreciate the efforts of Jayaraj in sending deserving youth to Unnati and being a role model to many youth who look up to him, as he speaks fluently in english and is able to articulate his thoughts and vision with a lot of clarity.

Team Unnati


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