Life changing 70 days for Anjali

Name: Anjali

Batch: 30th
Vocation: Retail
Working: Godrej Metro in Yeshwantpur
Phone no: 8970851885

I tried for a job at many places but could not get one says Anjali before she was introduced to Unnati by a friend of hers’. She is now working at Metro on the Godrej counter after being hired by them 2 months back and is doing well.
Anjali, could not pursue her PUC due to poor financial conditions at home . Due to frustration and anger within her, She was an introvert, with no self confidence , feeling she was’ good for nothing’, which created a lot of frustration and anger within her..

She is a happy person today with a good job, earning a lot of respect from family members due to the qualities she cultivated from the training at Unnati. She says that what a college could not teach in 1 year, Unnati does in 70 days. The training on values has definitely changed her perspective of life, made her an extrovert who is today regularly coaxing others to join Unnati by highlighting the benefits of the training imparted here. She wants to pursue her education through correspondence as well. Her short term goal is to be a supervisor at the stores. We wish her the very best.

It is amazing to note how a job can change the way an individual starts to think, the positivity and the hope they develop in life.

We at Unnati are proud of our faculty who are able to bring about this change in a short period of time through our  training methodologies.
Team Unnati


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