Limitations are for the body, not for the mind

Thirukappa – 28th Batch Data Entry

Contact No: 9743518522

Dear Friend,

“Life is full of suffering but it is also full of the over coming of it”

Thirukappa’s story is one of unbelievable grit and relentless effort. Having all faculties intact, a person seldom realizes what a great gift he is bestowed with and abuses the wonderful body given to him by God. Thirukappa is one person who not only learnt to respect his body but decided to overcome the limitations that it posed him with after he lost both his legs to polio when he was just 9 months old. Ever since life had been a challenge for him. He came from a family where his father was a farmer and he had 2 younger brothers and a sister. His mother helped his father and they together eked out their living in Bellary.

Thirukappa was bogged down by the limitations of the body and was always lost in the thoughts of what the future holds for him. He was sure he would have to live a life of total dependency. This didn’t deter him from finishing his 10th, staying in a hostel for the handicapped and he also completed his PUC with 58%. He wanted to complete his degree but his mother fell ill and due to acute financial constraints, he was unable to enroll for degree. Once his mother recovered, he decided not to waste time and learnt computers for an year and a half.

Life was not getting anywhere with all this and he prayed to God to show him a way. As luck would have it, he came across an article of Unnati in the local newspaper (Prajavani) and the rest is history. Thirukappa was trained in data entry and placed with Vindhya. He is at present working for ITPL as a data entry operator, with all the perks such as free accommodation, food and transportation. He says Unnati actually gave him a new lease of life. The time he spent at Unnati and all that he learnt at Unnati was something he didn’t learn the entire 12 years that he spent as a student. Unnati actually made him believe that he too could dream and achieve a lot in life and that ‘limitations may be for the body but not for the mind’

Team Unnati

This U Tube link is of Thirukappa on the day of Valediction Function.


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