Journey of a village youth from Chamrajanagar to KFC Bangalore.

Nagaraju Naik is a young man from Chamarajanagar, whose family is basically  from an agricultural background. He completed his PUC and with no one to  guide him, just sat at home and used to while away precious time . His older  brother was employed with HDFC bank in Bangalore. Nagaraju’s parents were  very anxious about his future.

Nagaraj was very well aware about the concerns of his parents and he himself  also felt very insecure and unsure as to what the future holds for him. It  was at this time that he came across UNNATI

At UNNATI he was taken under the retail stream and began his classes.  Initially, he found it very  difficult to adhere to the tough routine, as it  meant that he had to be disciplined and reach UNNATI by 8 am in the morning  and attend all classes till 6 pm. This was very difficult for him since he  had fallen into a pattern of a sedentary lifestyle, but his perseverance  paid off and he stuck to the routine religiously. Today , he is immensely  proud of himself for not missing a single day at UNNATI and finding what a  world of difference it has made to him.

After the successful completion of  the course ,KFC hired him for their  Marathahalli outlet for a salary of Rs. 7200/-.Nagaraju is extremely  grateful to UNNATI for showing him a direction and moulding him to take on  this world and ultimately help him make a success of his life. His happiness  knows no bounds and we at UNNATI know that nothing can stop this young man  anymore.

Nagaraju is ambitious and wishes to complete his BSc degree through  correspondence.

At  KFC, Nagaraju has completed a stint in supply and is now in the kitchen  base, after which he hopes to move on to the cash base. He has been  successfully passing his examinations and moving to the different bases .All  thanks to the motivation he got at UNNATI. He is aware that with promotion  he may have to leave Bangalore  but he is ready and willing to go wherever  his job takes him. There is no looking back for this young man.

Nagaraju says that he will  always be  grateful to UNNATI for making him  believe in himself , motivating him and giving him positive inputs in  communication and discipline. What he liked most at UNNATI was that  every student was paid individual attention. It was not only the bright  students who were encouraged but even the  candidates who were lagging  behind were helped  patiently.

People in his village have noticed the change in him and wish to emulate  him. Nagaraju encourages other youngsters in the village to join Unnati and  change their lives. His life has undergone a world of change and he  thanks  UNNATI  for showing him a direction  and being  responsible for making him standing  tall.


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