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“Unnati has nurtured and groomed me like a mother”

Sangamesh came from a small village in Bidar where his father worked in the fields as a farmer, his mother supported the family and his brother went to school. Sangamesh had completed his PUC and had no idea as to how his life would shape up. He actually didn’t know what he was going to do in life. In 2008 he came to know about Unnati from his brother who went to school. The idea of getting a job at the end of 3 months sounded very attractive and Sangamesh decided to find out what Unnati was all about and stepped out of the comfort of his home for the first time.

At Unnati he got selected and there began his metamorphosis from a village bred lad into a young man who was groomed to take on this world and stand on his own feet. The soft skills, spoken english, computer training and the retail curriculum  imparted to him improved his confidence and he became sure that everything is within his means and he could achieve anything. He was inspired by all his mentors and teachers whom he fondly remembers for moulding him with patience and love, which actually changed the course of his life and helped him immensely.

Today Sangamesh stands tall. He works for Lewis (Hyderabad), earning a CTC of over 2.5 lakhs. He repayed the loans that his father had taken ,he funds the education of his younger brother, has bought some jewellery for his poor mother and also bought himself a bike.  Sangamesh had taken tiny steps and is steadily moving up the ladder. He is now poised to take a huge leap with a Govt job and is awaiting the call from the Govt to join duty, after passing all examinations. Very shortly he will be Govt employee earning a CTC of over 5 lakhs.  He just has one word to say which is “ if there is anything that he values more than his mother in his life, it is only Unnati”

Team Unnati


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