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Inspiring story of Bansidhar.

Here is an unbelievably inspiring story which needs to be shared with every youngster who wants to make it big in this world.

Bansi, hailing from a small village ( Ganjam district) in Orissa, completed his SSLC and was referred to Unnati by Manoj, a student of the 14th batch. Bansi belonged to a very poor family and was constantly faced with challenges and hurdles in life. Every time he took a step forward he retraced a few steps back, not having the confidence to face up to the challenges. It is here that Unnati played a major role in his life. In his own words he says “ Unnati gave me the confidence that I too can achieve anything”, and ever since he has not looked back.

After completing Unnati, Bansi joined Royal Orchid Hotels. He saved every rupee he earned there and went back to Orissa and joined for a Diploma Course  in Electronics and Telecommunication. One year down the line he could not manage the finances and approached his college to allow him to continue  work and at the same time do distance learning. He assured them that he will make them proud. Bansi came back and continued working while he was studying. Now comes the best part, Bansi  came out with flying colours and stood 2nd in College. He has now been selected by Subros Company in Pune, through campus interviews , with a CTC of over 2 lakhs.

During the course at Unnati  Bansi realized one thing which was that merely securing a good job was not enough in life. Education is the key to growth and only through education he can achieve great heights. This is the kind of inspiration he drew from the faculty and volunteers at Unnati.It is hair raising to hear his story and his dream of wanting to complete his BTech and MTech too. He has already spoken to HDFC to help finance his education.

 We at Unnati are extremely proud of Bansi and that we are a part of this great journey of a boy named Bansi from remote Orissa.


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